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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Curse of the Late Napper

It's no secret that Lincoln is a night owl.  He always has been.  Lately, it seems that his naps aren't happening unless we're in the car.  I would be fine cutting his nap out if he'd go to bed, you know, before his usual 10 or 11 pm.  But unfortunately, I don't think he's ready quite yet.  You see, this is what happens if Lincoln skips his nap.

Somewhere between 5-6pm he gets very miserable, which is obviously because he's tired.  He comes to his Momma for comfort, and usually will snuggle up to me.  And then, this happens....

Yup.  This was 6:00pm.  Followed by a puddle of drool on my shirt after I move him.

Some of my mommy friends have suggested just putting him to bed for the night then.  That would be fabulous and all, however there's no way my kid would sleep the entire night going to bed that early.  I've tried it.  He wakes up like clockwork, one hour later.  And then, he's up even later than usual. 

My kid hates sleep.  I don't know what else to say, really! 

I would love to be able to phase out his nap completely, if it would mean he'd go to bed at a reasonable hour for a two year old.  Heck, I'd even be happy for 9pm at this point!

I will say, that although his Momma isn't a night owl, everytime I see this sweet little face all snuggled up into me, it seems to make all my frustrations disappear.

Little boys love their Momma, and Lincoln is certainly no exception!


  1. I feel ya. We've gotten Blondie Boy's bedtime down to 8pm with no naps. If he naps it is all shot to hell.

    There are some days when he just is tired and a pita (read today he wouldn't eat dinner and cried for a bath) because he is tired but he'd be up like a light if I put him to bed before 8.

  2. My problem is my son LOVES sleep. He is 3 1/2 and loves to take his nap during the day. He usually takes a 2 hour nap and I have to wake him up! Haha. He is crazy!
    Anyways, new reader here. Names Anita!!!!


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