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Thursday, January 19, 2012

What's in a name?

Jared & I had Lincoln's name way before he was ever conceived. We may have discussed other possible names when we found out we were having a sweet boy, but we always went back to "Lincoln."

However, it just occurred to me that I have never shared with you all how we chose his name!

When we tell people our son's name is Lincoln, more often than not they automatically assume we named him after President Abraham Lincoln. While I truly admire President Lincoln, & think he is a great role model for every generation, our Lincoln isn't named after him.

We did however get his name from this guy...

Don't recognize this scrumptious fella? It's Dominic Purcell.

Jared & I were ridiculously HUGE Prison Break fans. In case you've never heard of Prison Break, it was a television series on Fox for a few years. Dominic Purcell's character was "Lincoln."

One night while we were watching the show, I turned to Jared and said, "what do you think of the name Lincoln for a little boy?" He immediately replied that he loved it!

And so, when we found out we were expecting a wee sweet boy, it didn't take us long to agree that his name would be "Lincoln."

Now that we have our little Lincoln, I don't think any other name would have fit him better! It's a strong name, and my sweet boy is SO incredibly strong. Maybe my Lincoln will live up to the great President ;)


  1. I love this!

    It's always fun to find out how people chose their children's names.

    I've never seen the show, but...yeah, he's yummy! I bet your Lincoln will grow up to be a heart throb, too :)

    ♥ Bethany


  2. OMG My grandson's name is Lincoln as well because his parents were/are huge fans of the the show Prison Break. Incidentally, Lincoln's older brother is named Dexter...can you guess where that came from? LOL


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