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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Oh Yeah, I Had Cancer. And, I'm Thankful

Even I almost forget sometimes.  But I think I'll always have that "cancer cloud" lurking over me.  I suppose it is just something that comes with the territory. 

If you're new to my blog, yes, just about three years ago I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.  To get acquainted or to reacquaint yourself with my story, here are some helpful links:

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So now that you are all caught up with my cancer nightmare...HI!!!

Today I had my yearly appointment with my Endocrinologist.  I always get freaked out with those visits.  It's like I'm walking into my nightmare.  All those memories come flashing back before my eyes.

What makes it even worse...my doctors office is in conjunction with the Cancer Center at the hospital.  Fitting, right?  You walk in there and see a lot of people.  A lot of very very sick people.  When the receptionist comes to bring you to your room, you walk by the area where they administer chemo therapy. 

These people aren't the lucky ones like me.  They don't have thyroid cancer.  They have something much much worse.  It makes you take a step back and take a  look at your life.  In all honesty, I feel thankful.  Thankful that I had cancer?  No, not a chance.  But it makes me take a look at my life and be thankful for everything I have.  My type of cancer has a 99% cure rate.  My prognosis is beyond excellent.  I'm thankful. 

My appointment went well.  I will go back next week at some point for an ultrasound of my thyroid, which is another standard thing I have yearly since my diagnosis.  I've been known to grill the tech while they're checking out my thyroid that is no longer there.  Thankfully they've always been kind enough to answer my questions and say, "there's nothing there, & that's how it should be."

I still cannot fathom that my surgery was almost three years ago.  When I walked into my appointment today, I had my husband with me and my sweet boy.  I am thankful.


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  2. I can only imagine what you are saying it true. Just reading it makes me feel thankful for all I have. Here's to many years of great health and being thankful for life.

  3. My Mom died from her thyroid cancer because they couldn't get it all out. So, I must say you definitely have a lot to be thankful for. I'm happy for you. I hope you NEVER get it back.
    Loved your 12 choices.


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