The Momma Diaries: October 2011

Friday, October 28, 2011

First Haircut

I'll admit it.  I was dreading this first. However, we made it 23 months before I thought it was time for Lincoln's first haircut.  As much as I adore his little curls, it was getting a bit long in the back & matted.  It sometimes looked like my parents Golden Retriever :) 

Who would want to cut these gorgeous curls?!

It was a tough decision, but I decided it needed to be done.  My aunt is a hairdresser, and she cuts my hair.  I think she's the only one I'd trust right now with a pair of scissors near my sweet boys head.
Lincoln sat on his Grammy's lap, and my aunt trimmed away.  She even gave him his very own comb to hold while she cut.  I wasn't sure how he would do...I mean, he's a toddler!  Toddlers are wiggly little worms!! sweet boy was a trooper.  He didn't cry once, & was delighted with "helping" with his comb :)
 He even tried to style his Grammy's hair :)
 So now, I have a big boy.  Isn't he handsome? :)
I'm hopeful that his curls will remain.  Afterall, his Momma has some seriously curly hair!  If his hair gets wet, it instantly curls, so I'm optimistic :) 

Another "first" to check off the list.  My sweet boy is growing up too fast!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

'Tis the Season [Giveaway]

I am the crazy Christmas lady.

It seems that always around this time of the year, with the leaves changing and the temperatures dropping, that I cannot help but get excited for the most wonderful time of the year

While some people might cringe at the sound of Christmas music, I shamelessly find delight in it.  It brings me back to memories of my childhood.  And now being a mother myself, I hope to instill our very own family memories of the Holidays with Lincoln. 

Since having this sweet boy of mine, I get ridiculously excited about designing our Christmas cards.  It becomes a bit of an obsession!  I always order our cards from Shutterfly.  Here's last years...
It's crazy to see how much Lincoln has grown up in just one year!  He looks like a wee little baby in these photos!  I am always pleased with the quality of the cards from Shutterfly.  They also have a HUGE selection.  So there is definitely something for everyone's individual taste. 

This year here are my two front runners.  The first one I like because it includes so many photos. 

The second I adore because it is so bright & cheery.  It's a bit like our design last year, but I still think I'm leaning more towards this card. 
Shutterfly has kindly offered not one, but THREE of my readers the opportunity to win 25 holiday cards of their choosing! 

This is a rafflecopter giveaway.  You will need to open the widget to enter.  Just follow the directions :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


That seems to be my family's middle name lately. 

Between everything with my Dad's liver transplant, and the recent passing of my 23 year old cousin, you'd think that would be enough.


We just got a phone call this morning that Jared's cousin who was 37 weeks pregnant [Full freaking term], just lost her baby.  She didn't feel the baby move much yesterday so went to get checked out last night.  Her baby was already gone.  She delivered at 8:30 this morning.  A beautiful 6 pound little girl, Addison. 

Enough is enough.  I really don't know how much more my family can take. 

That's all I've got.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Recap.

Well, hello there.  What a crazy weekend we had!  On Saturday, we headed to Lincoln's cousins 2nd birthday party.  Lincoln and this particular cousin are exactly one month apart.  It's been so fun watching these two boys grow up together.  The older they get, the more fun they are together.  When they see one another they'll run up & give each other hugs.  Sweetest thing ever! 

The boys enjoyed playing outside in the brisk fall weather.

 Lincoln gave Cayden a ride on his little car.  Lincoln would much rather push these sort of toys, rather than ride on it worked out!
 I think my sweet boy NEEDS a playhouse.  He went nuts over this thing!
 When we left the party, we made the 2+ hour trip to Rhode Island to attend my cousins memorial fundraiser.  It was family friendly until about 8:30pm or so...then the band needed to set up.  Lincoln left around that time with his Grammy, while Jared & I stayed to support my other cousin, who put the event together. 

People.  I had a BABY [well, a cranky baby]...IN A BAR!!!
Ha!  I love that line from Sweet Home Alabama!  Jared & I had a great time mingling & enjoying the band...they were pretty awesome!  We haven't done that since I was about 9 weeks pregnant with Lincoln. I DID however feel a teensy tiny bit old...being a Momma in a bar, ha!  Oh well, such is life. 

Sunday, Lincoln had his FIRST haircut...which I will post about another day :)

I hope you all had a great weekend!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Momma's Boy

This is my day today, folks!

I have a very clingy sweet baby boy on my hands. I hope he's feeling okay, because he will absolutely not let me put him down.

I guess I'll soak up the baby snuggles :)

Happy Friday!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pinterest inspired toddler activity!

Who loves Pinterest?  I admit, I never wanted to sign up for this time suck, but once I did, I could never turn back!  I am hooked!!  I love all the creative ideas, tutorials, recipes, children's activities...I could go on and on. 

I recently discovered this activity, & knew I had to try it with my sweet little Lincoln.  Here are the supplies needed [all of which I had inside my house].

uncooked spaghetti

It's all really simple.  I just made two "bases" out of the playdoh, & stuck some uncooked spaghetti into them.  Next, I showed Lincoln that he could stack his cheerios onto the spaghetti :)

He LOVED I thought he would :)

It seriously occupied him for quite some time.  I wish I got a picture of his expression when I showed him the first cheerio stack around the spaghetti...he was amazed! 

With the colder weather approaching, it's nice to have a fresh new indoor activity....& it works on his fine motor skills!  I hope you try this with your toddler.  Let me know how they like it :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Recap

With all the craziness that has been happening in my life lately, it was nice to have a fun weekend.  Jared & I had a wedding to go to on Saturday.  Lincoln spent the day with one of my good friends and had a blast :) 

It was great to get dressed up and go out on the town with my handsome hubby.  The ceremony was so beautiful. The bride [Jared's cousin] looked amazing...the groom cried while he was reading his very sentimental vows. I think everyone in the church turned into a big ol' pile of mush! 

There was a 3 hour gap between the ceremony & reception, so about 15 of us went to a nearby Mexican restaurant to grab some food.  We figured we wouldn't be eating for a few hours at the wedding anyways.

The reception was at a CASTLE....obviously, it was amazing, to say the least.  My favorite part of the evening was the photo booth!  I wish they had these when Jared & I got fun!!

We got back home around 11:30pm, and of course my little night owl was still awake!  He was SO excited to see Daddy & Momma walk through the door.  He screamed, "Yayyyyy!" & jumped into my arms giving me a hug that lasted at least 10 minutes :)

We spent Sunday at Jared's cousins house so he could get his car fixed.  While we were at the wedding, Jared's headlights blew out, which led to us having to drive home with his high beams on!!!  Lincoln had a blast playing with his cousins. 

A great weekend, indeed.  It was just what I needed.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Rest in peace, little cousin.

Not all endings are happy.  Some are downright tragic.  I wish I didn't have to write this post. 

My cousin.  My 23 year old cousin, is dead. 

Apparently last Friday, he was pulled over for a motor vehicle stop.  He was going to be charged with driving with a suspended license, & possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.  This was not his first run in with the law.  I don't want to go into his past, because it really doesn't matter.  I will say, he has never hurt anyone.  And despite his legal issues, he was a good person.

While they were waiting for the transportation vehicle, he somehow escaped...although he was handcuffed.  He wound up jumping into a nearby river, & drowned.  When they pulled him out of the river, he only had one hand in cuffs. 

That's really all I can say about the details, for now.  There's obviously a huge investigation going on, because seriously, how the hell did he escape?!  Our family has many, many unanswered questions...some of which we might never have the answers to. 

The bottom line is...a 23 year old man died.  My aunts son is dead.  My cousin who has been caring for my father in Florida, just lost his younger brother.  I don't care what he was going to be charged with.  He should not be dead. 

Life isn't always pretty.  In fact, it can be downright ugly.  RIP to my cousin who used to ask me to paint his nails when he was a little boy.  xoxo

Thursday, October 13, 2011

What a week.

Well, we're back home from visiting my Dad in Florida.  & what a visit it has been.  You all know he was called in for his transplant, yet unfortunately the donated liver wasn't in adequate condition for transplantation.  So now, we wait.  Again. 

I was hoping he would get the call while we were there for 10 days, but no such luck. 

If you follow me on Twitter, then you might know that while we were in Florida, my cousin passed away.  He was only 23.  That is a huge story in itself, and I will post about it another day.  It's very sad, and tragic, and something that should have never happened.

Now, back to our trip to Florida.

Lincoln was a rock star traveler again!  He knew what to expect on the plane, and tried putting his seat belt on the second we placed him in the seat!

 He ended up falling asleep for a little while on Momma's lap :)
 We were actually quite busy (surprise, surprise) our entire stay in Florida.  We managed a trip to the Magic Kingdom one day, & hit up Epcot at night.

 We went back to Sea World because we have tickets until the end of this year.  Lincoln loved Shamu again :)
 We got a caricature portrait done of Lincoln.  I think it came out pretty good!!
 & Lincoln's Daddy & uncle won him this giant Stay Puft Marshmallow man!!! 
Because Marshmallow Man was so ridiculously huge, we traded him in for two smaller ones :) 

We had a great visit, and even though we were there for 10 days, it still went by SO fast!  I will hopefully be planning another trip with Lincoln some time in November. 

Thank you to my guest bloggers for keeping my blog warm while I was away.  If you missed their posts, you should check them out.  They are all very read worthy.  Hope you all had a great week!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A post about PPD [Guest Blogger]

Today I am featuring Libby over at Elf a Family Blog.  Libby is going to talk about a very deep, sensitive subject.  And, I'm so happy she is sharing her story with my readers.  ..........................................................................................................................................

I've always suffered from stress and anxiety. Before getting pregnant, I'd been taking Zoloft. When I quit a few months before trying to conceive, I felt myself leave a cloud behind that I didn't know I'd been living in. Holy energy and While pregnant I suffered from pregnancy induced ADD (I don't know if this is proven, but I'm telling you, for me, it was).

6 weeks after having Thad I was diagnosed with PPD - I couldn't.stop.crying. I was crying about everything. I felt like the worst mother in the history of the world. I wondered if I'd ruined my life, my husband's life, and now the life of this little boy I'd brought into the world. I couldn't fathom making it to the next day. Being a parent was hard, harder than I'd ever thought possible. I didn't think I'd ever sleep again, read a book again, shower again...let alone feel sexy again...BUT after talking to the doctor and getting a prescription for Wellbutrin, my world slowly became manageable.

Last spring, I had to call the doctor and ask to decrease the dosage of medication. I was suffering from crazy rushes of energy - it was insane - I felt like I was on crack or something. My thoughts were racing, I couldn't focus, and I wasn't sleeping well. I was also about 45 lbs lighter than when I'd started the meds. Apparently that little factor can make a difference.

Now, as the the one year mark comes and goes, I've had to decrease the meds again. It's kind of hard to do your job and be a mom when you can't even focus long enough to make a grocery list. Oh and did you know they don't make Wellbutrin in 50 mg tabs? Nope, so for now, I'm cutting the 100's in half. While I'm excited to decrease the meds, I'm scared as shit. I'm not comfortable getting rid of the meds completely yet. These days are better than I could have ever imagined they would have been a year ago. I'm happy, I'm in love (with my husband and my son), Thad and his laugh, smile, face, his everything -- make me sooooo happy, I'm constantly thinking about having another baby - life is good.

And yet, every once awhile those feelings sneak in. I get down. The world sucks. Why can't the laundry get done? Why does my husband insist on not mowing the lawn? Why won't Thaddeus eat his dinner? All of those things add up and all of a sudden, I'm pissy, depressed, and hating the world. While it doesn't always last that long, the fact that it even happens drives me nuts. I swear, sometimes I feel like I'm going crazy or I've gone bipolar or something.

So for any of who are suffering, have suffered, or are just now being diagnosed - know this. It does get better. There will always be ups and downs, there will always be times you question your actions as a mother, there will always be times of stress in your marriage, but you can do this. Don't be ashamed of asking for help, taking medication, or just taking time for yourself. It will make you a better mother. Trust me, it will.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Becoming Super Mom [Guest Blogger]

Today's featured guest blogger is Amber, over at It's the Middle that Counts.  Amber is new to the blogging world, so feel free to stop by her page and show her some love!  .........................................................................................................................................................................................

Hey everyone! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to be guest blogging for Kami while she enjoys her time in Florida with her beautiful family. I love reading The Mommy Diaries and, I mean how could you not, Kami’s got one adorable little boy on her hands.

Speaking of adorable little boys, I have to admit that, although I may be a little biased, I’m pretty partial to this one.

My beautiful baby boy, Nicholas, was born April 9, 2011 and I was the epitome of the typical first time mom. I read every parenting article, baby book and mommy blog out there trying to figure out exactly how to become “super mom.” You know the type; they seem to have it all figured out. They can gracefully glide throughout their day without so much as an untied shoelace, let alone a major toddler tantrum in the middle of the supermarket. They cook, they clean, they create amazingly creative and imaginative projects for their children and their household without even breaking a sweat. Well, I was already a lover of baking and crafting, therefore I figured that if I could find a way to combine those loves with taking care of a baby full time, going to school to finish my degree and maintaining the household, then no question about it, I would be a “super mom.”

Let’s just say I got a very rude awakening during those first few weeks. Nicholas was born with a severe case of reflux and my husband and I practically lived at the doctor’s office and the NICU at Children’s Hospital. We slept in shifts in case Nicholas started gagging and choking and watched helplessly as Nick struggled for a while to maintain his weight.

I have never felt more helpless in my entire life than on the days I would watch Nicholas scream in pain and throw up everything he took in. It seemed like we simply weren’t making any progress and on one particularly bad night, as he was being admitted to the NICU, I realized that one of the reasons the situation was so difficult for me was because I felt like a failure. I felt like a complete failure as a wife and mother. I couldn’t make my child feel better, I couldn’t help him, I couldn’t make him happy and healthy.

That night was probably one of my lowest and I struggled with it for a long time afterward; however, I don’t anymore. Now that Nicholas has a new doctor and the right medications in the proper dosages, he is doing so much better. We still have some rough days, but they are nothing compared to what they used to be and the other day as we were lying on the floor playing with some of his favorite toys it struck me, I am super mom.

I’m still learning how to balance baking, being crafty and all of my other hobbies with being a full-time SAHM mom, Army wife and student, but I know my child like the back of my hand.

I know every tickle spot on that squirmy little body of his. I know what song he likes to hear while he’s falling asleep, and which blankie is his favorite. I know just how to make him giggle and laugh and I know what all of his favorite foods are, even if I sometimes end up wearing more of it than he eats. I know that he has very different cries and I know what each and every one of them mean.

In the last 6 months I have learned that the definition of “super mom” is completely different from what I originally thought and honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Friday, October 7, 2011

A very special happy birthday.... my hubby!!  Hands off ladies, he's all mine ;)

Jared turns 29 today! I'm one year older than him, so he's REALLY enjoying that he stil has one more year left in his twenties! We're in Florida today...hopefully doing something super ridiculously fun to celebrate the love of my life and best Daddy in the whole world.

Jared has brought so much love and happiness to my life.  He has given so much to me.  His hand in marriage, he built our house, and gave me this beautiful family.

So, happy birthday to my amazing husband.  I hope your day is filled with happiness and love! xoxo

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Let's talk poop :::gag::: [Guest Blogger]

Today I'm featuring Kat, over at It's Living Like the Kings.  Kat has an adorable baby girl, that makes my ute ache for all things girly!  Make sure you stop by her blog and check her out!.....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Hi, my name is Kat and a wife, mom, and blogger over at It’s Living Like the Kings. I’m super excited that Kami is letting me entertain you guys today, but if you’re not into gross baby poop stories, I’d really consider coming back tomorrow. As a general note, my blog is not usually about poop, so you’re safe to click the link.

I should also tell you a couple of quick things about me:

I don’t do poop.

My baby’s name is Addison, but we call her Peanut.

Now on to the post.

The other day Jon, my husband, and I were getting ready for dinner while Peanut was hanging out in her exersaucer. Peanut seemed totally content and when it was time to sit everyone down at the table, I lifted her out of her exersaucer and put her on my hip. She smiled.

Sundress 028

And then I smelt it.

Let me go back a couple of weeks and tell you that I am embarrassed to admit it, but I can’t take the new poop. A couple of weeks after her first solids, Peanut’s poop changed from being this non-smelly stuff I could deal with to pasty, yucky, smelly poop. And I can’t take it. As in, I gag. Meanwhile, Jon doesn’t seem to mind.

Sundress 042

Now let’s fast forward to yesterday. And that smell. I looked at Peanut and asked her if she pooped. She smiled her toothless smile at me. So I smelled her butt, which stunk. Then I looked at her leg…and noticed a huge glob of poo hanging out of her diaper.

That’s when I, maturely, started gagging and yelling for Jon to help me. He came over and I showed him Peanut while handing her over. Then I looked at the exersaucer, which was covered in poo. And my shirt, which was covered in poo. Then I gagged. And whined. And gagged. Jon was standing there, laughing, while holding the poopy Peanut. Then he looked at me seriously and said that there was a huge glob of poop that’s about to fall on the floor. I looked around, seeing nothing and reached out and caught the huge glob of poop in my hand. Then I gagged. While holding poop in my hand.

Sundress 054

Jon just kept laughing and headed for the baby room. I gagged. Washed the poop from my hand, changed my shirt, gagged, and went in to help.

After almost 15 minutes of cleaning poop off Peanut’s legs, back, arms, and belly button, she was finally clean and still smiling. And ready to eat some more food that will make her poop.

Sundress 056

I guess it’s all just a vicious cycle. Gag.

Living Like the Kings

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Making an Effort [Guest Blogger]

Today's featured guest blogger is one of my awesome internet Mommy friends.  I've *known* Lady for a couple of years now, and honestly, I just adore her and her little family.  She is funny, smart, beautiful, honestly I wish we didn't live across the country from one another!  Please check her out at The Lady is...In.  You won't be disappointed!!

Today I ditched my usual uniform of hooded sweatshirt and jeans for... wait for it... a regular sweater and jeans. and I didn't put my hair in a ponytail. and when I emerged from the bathroom my 2 year old said "mommy go to work?"

Hrm. I don't work. But Elliot watches his dad get "dressed up" every morning and because I took a second to put myself together Elliot thought I had somewhere important to go.Methinks I should be making a bit of an "effort" more often.

I don't mean an effort for my husband's sake (although I'm sure he wouldn't mind seeing me looking less schlumptastic now and then.) I mean an effort for MY sake.

Moms' needs tend to become a last priority; even the cats eat lunch before I do around here. After I feed the boys, get them down, and hash out the stinky cat food I grab a handful of this and a swig of that for myself and call it good. There was a day last week where I started to get a POUNDING headache at noon and was genuinely puzzled as to its source. I thought "I've had 2 cups of coffee today, this isn't a caffeine headache... what is it?!" and then I realized... I hadn't had a single thing to eat. I had been up since 6 am, and had fed both my boys 2 meals by then, but hadn't managed to remember to feed myself. This is a problem.

The appearance thing, this "making an effort" isn't just about looking nice. It's about taking a few minutes at the start of my day to focus on MYSELF, something I honestly rarely do these days. It's about taking the time to make a choice that will make me feel my best for the rest of the day. Whether that choice be oh, I don't know, EATING or taking a minute to put on some make up.

While moms often end up coming in last, I'm finding that I am often the only one putting myself there. It's a hard thing to do as a mom, to take selfish moments. But to take a moment to take care of myself actually makes me a better MOM. It isn't just about ditching an ill-fitting sweatshirt either. That little headache I unintentionally starved myself into? It took me over 24 hours to get rid of it, and for those 24 hours I was definitely not at my best in the Mom department. So focusing on what makes me feel better as an individual is a good thing for my boys, my husband and - yes - for me too.
So sometimes focusing on me might mean letting go of the uber-present ponytail, some days it might mean some mascara, and other days it might mean slipping on my favorite, completely stretched-out hoodie. (Hey, wearing pjs all day if you want to is one of the perks of the job as well.) But taking a moment is some days the only way to make sure that I'm a Mom who is fed. And other days taking that moment is what makes me a mom who feels pulled-together, which makes me a Mom who feels good about herself. All of those things make me better for my boys so... focusing on ME every now and then is actually not selfish at all.

Elliot is out "golfing, on the GOLF COURSE" with his dad, and Grayson is babbling happily to himself in the crib. I could go get him... or I could take a moment to eat some breakfast. Breakfast it is.

The Lady is...In

Monday, October 3, 2011

Well this sucks

So remember how I said my dad got a call for his liver transplant?

Unfortunately, after they checked out the donated liver, they determined it wasn't suitable for transplantation.

Yeah. Sucks. Big time.

In the bright side, we're in Orlando for 10 days.

Keep your fingers, toes, & everything crossed that he gets the real call while we're here.

On another note, while I'm away I have some great guest bloggers lined well as a couple scheduled posts from myself. Make sure you check them out!!

Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes for my Dad. They are very appreciated.

Farm Rich Snacks [Review & Giveaway]

Who loves party food? I sure do. Sometimes I'll go out to eat at a restaurant, & just order appetizers. Yummy!!

So, when Farm Rich contacted me & asked me to review one of their products, my tummy started grumbling!!

Mozzerella sticks are one of my most favorite appetizers. I love the cheesiness! When I saw Farm Rich's cheese sticks, I knew I must try them! I'm not just saying this, but these are hands down the best frozen cheese sticks I have ever tasted. I've noticed when you buy cheese sticks to cook at home, they often don't turn out as yummy as they do at a restaurant. There's just something that's not right. Something is missing. Well, what is missing is they're not Farm Rich cheese sticks! These are seriously cheese stick perfection!!

Lucky for you, one of my readers gets the chance to win two coupons to try any Farm Rich products! This is my first Rafflecopter giveaway, just follow the directions :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's transplant time...

Bare with me, I'm a bit shaken up. My dad just got the call for his liver transplant. He is going in for surgery at 6am this morning.

We changed our flight plans and are flying out this afternoon. I cannot NOT be there.

If you have any spare thoughts and prayers to send my dads way, I would be so appreciative.

I'm scared.

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