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Monday, December 19, 2011

We are Back!!!


I feel like I've wrote this post before, considering this was our third time coming back home from Florida in four months.  And we'll be going again soon.  Next month, in fact!  We couldn't resist the sale Southwest was having.  $58 flights each way.  Such a great deal!

We were really busy our entire stay there.  Big Surprise, I know. 

We arrived Wednesday night and stayed until Sunday morning. During our stay we went to a zoo and back to Sea World again!  We have season passes to Sea World until the end of this month, so we figured we'd take advantage of that.  Lincoln totally remembered Sea World.  He was all excited to see Shamu again! 

However, as much as he likes the real Shamu, he was a little unsure about the the the character.  Lincoln and I had our picture taken with my cousin, and he was a little indifferent about the situation.

Here are two photos of our trip. One of us with Shamu. And the other just of me and my sweet boy :)

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