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Thursday, December 15, 2011

We are all about the handprints this year!

The other day I posted about the salt dough handprints we made.  Well, the other night we whipped up some more handprint gifts! My father LOVES the Patriots.  I found this awesome Patriots football on amazon that is white....perfect for little handprints showing up! 

We did this project while Daddy was home.  First he painted Lincoln's hand blue....which he thought was way awesome by the way :)

Then we placed his hands one at a time on the football.  The left hand definitely came out better than the right, but my Dad will love it for sure.  I also wrote Lincoln's name and 12/2011 on the football.
football handprints

football handprints
While we had Lincoln's hands blue and already painted.  We decided to do his baseball handprint gift that we're giving to my brother.  My brother is baseball OBSESSED!  You should see the stuff he has already bought for Lincoln.  This one was a little harder, because Lincoln had to grasp the ball.  We chose to do it with his left hand, because my brother always says Lincoln is going to be a left handed pitcher :)
baseball handprints
Another fun and easy peasy handmade gift for the holidays...or any occasion, really! 


  1. great idea!
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  2. What a great idea! I'll have to remember that one!


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