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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Updates & Such

Christmas is in FIVE days...what?! 

Yeah.  That.

It's a crazy, busy, hectic time of the year.  A joyous, amazing, magical time of the year to spend with our loved ones. 

And because of that....my blog will probably be lacking its normal content for a week or so.   I do have a few scheduled posts, but nothing too in depth. 

I am looking forward to celebrating Christmas with our little family.  My niece and nephew from Tennessee fly in tomorrow along with my brother in law.  We haven't seen them in a year.  I'm very excited for Lincoln to see his big cousins. 

My mom is going to Florida for Christmas to celebrate with my Dad.  My brother will be coming to our house. 

I think I forgot to mention how weird it was being in the 80 degree Florida weather last week seeing Christmas decorations.  Being from New England, I'm used to the cold, and a white Christmas.  It was very different, and maybe even made me appreciate the brisk winter air for a bit! 

Also, Lincoln and I are scheduled to go visit my Dad again at the end of January. 

And with that, I leave you with a silly photo of Lincoln.  This was in Florida.  He put his hat on all by himself...

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