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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lincoln's 2nd Birthday Bash!

We celebrated Lincoln's 2nd birthday this past weekend.  We downscaled the invite list a bit compared to last year where we had two parties!  This party was at our house, which was really nice.  I liked being able to do all the personal creative little touches that made it extra special. 

My friend made Lincoln's ridiculously awesome cake [& cupcakes].  I love love LOVE how they turned out!

Mickey Mouse Cake Cupcakes
 I ordered this banner from one of my e-Mommy Friends over at Pippy's Perspective.  Isn't it gorgeous?! We got MANY compliments on this banner.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Banner
 Jenny from The Adventures of H3 was kind enough to send me the remaining Mickey ears from her son Henry's Mickey birthday bash.  Thanks again Jenny, they were a big hit!

Mickey Mouse #DIY Ears
 I made food labels to coordinate with the theme...

 OH, & next to the "hot diggity dogs," are the favor bags I made....thank you Pinterest!

 We had 6 little kids here, including Lincoln.  It was super fun!  We have a huge garage that we opened up with a lot of Lincoln's outdoor toys so the kids could all run around & play.

 Lincoln was obsessed with the balloons.  We eventually had to take them away from him because he was probably walking around with 15 balloons inside of our house, haha.
 When it came time to sing "Happy Birthday," Lincoln was pretty excited that all these people were singing for him!

Opening presents was a blast!  Lincoln totally understands the entire concept now.  Christmas is going to be insane!!!

 When all of his friends left, Lincoln went to sit in his chair, grabbed his blankie, & fell fast asleep.  Notice he's holding a balloon...
We had a great party.  And most importantly, Lincoln had a great time :)


  1. What a great birthday party! Good job!!! Looks like Lincoln enjoyed every minute of it, too!

  2. Love the cake and food labels. Adorable. Who doesn't love a mickey theme party? That last photo of him is priceless. :)


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