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Monday, November 7, 2011

Living in the Dark

It's funny, the little things we take for granted every day.  We were without power for six whole days.  Crazy, huh?!

Yes.  This was the front page of our newspaper, three days after we had already been living in "the dark ages."

If you are from New England, you are used to snow.  HOWEVER, you really aren't accustomed to 16 inches of snow in OCTOBER!  That's just crazy talk. 

We lost power on Saturday, October 29th at 4pm.  It didn't get restored until Friday, November 4th in the evening.  Insane?  I think so. 

So, what happened?  We got a lot of snow [duh, obviously].  At one point, we accumulated 8 inches of snow in just one hours time.  Not to mention, there are still leaves on the trees.  All of that extra weight caused branches and limbs to snap.  Telephone wires were eliminated.  It was seriously a freaking mess! 

We spent Sunday through Wednesday at Jared's parents house.  They have the teeniest tiniest generator on the face of the planet, but at least they were able to generate heat through their pellet stove.  I was able to charge my laptop to play movies for Lincoln and charge my cell phone.  That's just about it. 

Wednesday night we headed to my parents house in Rhode Island. It was amazing to turn on a light switch.  It was even more amazing to SHOWER!!!  We had NO water, which meant, NO showers! 

Jared stayed until Saturday morning when he had to travel back to work.  Lincoln and I decided to stay a few more days. We seriously take SO much for granted!

A generator is now on the top of the lengthy of things we need to purchase.  We plan on getting one that can run our entire house.  It will be a hefty penny, but so worth it. 

So, yes.  This would be why I was completely MIA last week.  It was a mess, & something I would not wish upon anyone. I hope any of my other readers weren't affected by the storm like we were!  And if you were, please tell me your story.  I have empathy for you!!

I really hope this isn't a sneak peak of our upcoming winter....

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