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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lincoln's 2 Year Stats

Hard to believe I'm the Momma of a two year old

We had Lincoln's 2 year checkup yesterday.  Unfortunately, Lincoln is fully aware what doctors offices are all about.  He is no longer happy to be there.  Getting him on the scale was even a nightmare. 

At two years old, Lincoln weighs 32 lbs, 90th percentile, and he's 37 1/2 inches tall, OFF THE CHARTS!!!  He's going to tower over his Momma for sure!! 

Overall, we had a great appointment.  There were no shots, minus the finger prick...which sucks royally. 

My only concern was Lincoln's speech.  I asked what he should have for words at this point in time.  His pedi informed me that Lincoln should be saying between 15-20 words, and only 3 of those words would anyone understand.  The rest are normally only understood by the parents.  Wow.  I honestly thought he was a little behind in this department, and if that was the case I wanted to get him the help he needs. However, Lincoln has 38 words.  Yes, we made a list, because the paranoid Momma that I am was freaking a bit.  So, it was nice to hear that Lincoln is doing just fine! 

We don't go back now until he's 3 years old!!! 


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