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Thursday, October 27, 2011

'Tis the Season [Giveaway]

I am the crazy Christmas lady.

It seems that always around this time of the year, with the leaves changing and the temperatures dropping, that I cannot help but get excited for the most wonderful time of the year

While some people might cringe at the sound of Christmas music, I shamelessly find delight in it.  It brings me back to memories of my childhood.  And now being a mother myself, I hope to instill our very own family memories of the Holidays with Lincoln. 

Since having this sweet boy of mine, I get ridiculously excited about designing our Christmas cards.  It becomes a bit of an obsession!  I always order our cards from Shutterfly.  Here's last years...
It's crazy to see how much Lincoln has grown up in just one year!  He looks like a wee little baby in these photos!  I am always pleased with the quality of the cards from Shutterfly.  They also have a HUGE selection.  So there is definitely something for everyone's individual taste. 

This year here are my two front runners.  The first one I like because it includes so many photos. 

The second I adore because it is so bright & cheery.  It's a bit like our design last year, but I still think I'm leaning more towards this card. 
Shutterfly has kindly offered not one, but THREE of my readers the opportunity to win 25 holiday cards of their choosing! 

This is a rafflecopter giveaway.  You will need to open the widget to enter.  Just follow the directions :)


  1. Wow Shutterfly does a great job!! I can't wait for Christmas either. It is a time where everything around us seems just a little bit warmer!


  2. I'm right there with you. I LOVE Christmas! As a matter of fact, I'm sitting in my recliner and plan on watching Christmas Movies on the Hallmark Channel for the rest of the night. :)


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