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Monday, September 5, 2011

What a fun trip!

Well, we're back from visiting my Dad in sunny Orlando! I'd like to thank Meghan & Ashley for keeping my blog warm while I was away :)

I have way way more pictures to share with you all...but my darling puppy, Evy, ate my usb cable that connects my camera to my laptop! Jared thinks we have another one around here somewhere. So, until we find it, these are the pics from my phone.

We had a wonderful time while we were away. Lincoln was seriously an AMAZING traveler! Despite this picture of him trying to make the great escape on the plane....
He was truly awesome. I was so very proud of my sweet boy. He was very fascinated looking out the window while we were in the air, and he didn't cry or fuss once! Here we are when we first landed into Orlando.

My Dad was waiting for us when we got to the airport. Lincoln was SO excited to see his Grandpa! He loved having both of his Grandparents together. He would sit right inbetween them on the couch.

We didn't have a high chair there for Lincoln, but that was okay...he's apparently a big boy now!

Oh, and don't think for a second that he would go back in his high chair once we came back home. He gave me a look like, "Psshhhh, Mom that's for babies!!"

It was HOT in Florida. Obviously. The humidity was ridiculous. But that didn't get in the way of our plans! The condo my Dad is staying at his beautiful. There are three pools. Surprisingly enough, we only went swimming one day. We were SO busy the rest of our stay there, that's the only opportunity we got!

I ordered Lincoln a puddle jumper. I heard great things about them, so I had one shipped to my Dad. I really liked it & Lincoln did too, which is even more important! Like I said, Orlando is HOT. I spent my days with a messy pony tail, sundresses, and a TAN!! Seriously, my cup of tea!!

We planned to go to Sea World while we were there. We rented my Dad a wheelchair so he wouldn't have to walk. Lincoln was so incredibly excited about Sea World. I cannot even begin to tell you how much fun he had. His favorite, was the Shamu show. I think this is my most favorite picture from our trip. His expression just says it all.
Lincoln loved Shamu so much, that Grandpa brought him home for him. Shamu will be keeping my Dad company while he's in Florida. There was no way I was bringing this whale onto the plane!! He's seriously over 3 feet! So, my Dad will have a little [big] bed buddy to keep him company :)

We were busy busy busy. Lincoln napped in his stroller if we were out. Check out those adorable curls! The humidity really made his hair super curly! I was really hoping my Dad would get the call for his transplant while we were there, but unfortunately that didn't happen. We're already booked to go visit again in October. This time for 8 days, rather than 6...& Jared is coming too! We're hoping to take Lincoln to some of the Disney parks, and we're definitely going back to Sea World again. We were able to upgrade our tickets for just $5 more for unlimited passes for the rest of 2011!

Lincoln was so, so sweet with my Dad. I've mentioned before that if I'm using my wheelchair, he'll try to help push me. Well, my Dad isn't walking too well right now because he's so weak. Lincoln would always go and grab my Dad's hand when he was walking. He's such an intuitive little boy. And, it just melted my heart each time.

It was hard saying goodbye to my Dad, but we'll be back soon! Let's hope he has his surgery before we go back in October!

Here's what Lincoln thought of the trip....I think he was happy :)


  1. Looks like you had fun on vacation! Happy Labor Day!

  2. Such a fun visit!! Glad you were able to make it. I'm sure the weather will be just a bit cooler for you here in October!! And how did that go over leaving Shamu with Grandpa?

  3. Lincoln truly had fun. It shows in every photo. You're dad seems to be so grateful of your visit. If there is a person who truly cherished the entire visit, it was him. Love and family support are what make a person stronger and able to face the changes of life. =)


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