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Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Recap

Another fun weekend for our household! And, of course it was busy...as always! We had lots on our agenda to take care of...& we wanted to throw a little bit of fun in there as well :)

Lincoln enjoyed some pancakes for breakfast with his partner in crime, Oliver. This cat is ridiculous. And no, he's totally not allowed on the table, he is just very obstinate. We decided to head to Ikea, in an attempt to find Lincoln a "big boy" bed. As you know, Lincoln has been co-sleeping with us since Jared went into the Police Academy LAST September....so, for a year now. As much as I enjoy snuggling my sweet boy every night, I know it's best for us all if we make the transition sooner, rather than later. Lincoln was very excited to be going out with Mommy & Daddy for the day :)

We knew we wanted to get Lincoln a twin bed. As cute as the toddler beds were, they just didn't seem practical to me. Especially considering he's been sleeping in our king bed for a year. I don't think he'd be a fan of the lack of space, to say the least.

We ended up getting him a daybed, although it doesn't look like a traditional daybed to me. It's also a trundle bed underneath, in case we ever wanted to expand it for him...AND, it has two drawers for storage...a HUGE plus!

Jared spent a few hours assembling his bed, while I kept Lincoln occupied. Here's the results....

And of course Oliver likes the bed as well. I have a feeling he'll be keeping Lincoln company in there!!

We chose to go with a "transportation theme" for his big boy room. His nursery was stars, so it was pretty easy to just add the transportation details to the existing decor. We also got this super cute rug from Ikea to match his bedding [which we got from Target]....oh, and this rug was ONLY 15 bucks! Such a steal!!

Lincoln isn't sleeping in there quite yet. We're actually going to be getting a tv for his room [don't judge]! I know it will help with the transition, and honestly, I'll try just about anything.

Jared and I also managed to get out for a couple hours just the two of us, to head to a retirement party for one of his fellow officers. I was really looking forward to this, because I knew I'd meet some of the guys he works with. While it wasn't exactly the "police ball" I was hoping for since Jared's become an officer, it was still a good time. One of the Sergeants actually reminded me of "Mr. Big" from Sex & the City...which I found hysterical. It was nice to be out, just the two of us, even if it was only for a couple hours.

When we came home, our sweet boy was very excited to see us, and full of energy. He actually played with his puppy, Evy for a little while...AND I even managed to get a [blurry] picture!

We'll be starting "operation big boy bed" sometime in the near future. Wish us luck! I'm not sure who it's going to be harder on...Lincoln or myself!


  1. glad you had a nice weekend and got some alone time with your husband! I actually have the opposite problem...Oliver refuses to co-sleep! lol i would love to get some night time cuddles but he is too attached to his crib. I dont see him going to a toddler bed as much as i'd like him to before his brother comes next month. I LOVE that rug from ikea...may have to go pick one up!

  2. WOW what an awesome big boy bed.


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