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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Weekend Recap

Thankfully this week's "weekend recap" post is much more timely than last weeks! We have a very busy weekend. Jared was off from work the entire weekend, and that's only something that happens every 6ish weeks or so! My Mom works in retail, and she has every other weekend off. It just so happened both their weekends off happened to coincide with eachother's!

Jared's been itching to play hockey. He has played since he was a little boy. He used to play ice, but now he plays roller. He's VERY good....& I'm really not even being biased! He played on a pro team for a few years but took a break when we had Lincoln. This year he's going to be playing pro again, but for the Rhode Island team....which I'm super psyched about, because that means more trips home to see my family :)

Anyways, he played in a tournament this past weekend in Rhode Island with his new team, and I visited with my family! It worked out perfectly, on all parts :)

Lincoln was so excited to be at his Grammy's house! He even chatted with his Grandpa on the phone while he was there...

My Mom & I brought Lincoln to see his Daddy play hockey for one of his games [he had six]! While Lincoln didn't pay too much attention to the game [he was much more interested in playing the drums on the bleachers], I know it meant the world to Jared to have him there. He showed him off to all the "guys" afterwards. It's funny seeing all these "manly men" swoon over a toddler!

Jared also skated with Lincoln. I know he's been dying to do that with his son since the moment he was born. Lincoln LOVED every second of it. He is such a little daredevil! Despite Jared saying he doesn't want Lincoln to play hockey [because it's dangerous], I think we'll be buying Lincoln his first pair of skates sooner than later :)

After the game [which they won], we went out for dinner....where my sweet boy insisted on eating his grilled cheese with a fork!

We also brought our sweet pup, Evy with us for the weekend. She is a great little traveler in the car, and loves the dogs at my parents house. She is getting SO big SO fast! She seriously doesn't even look like a puppy anymore...she looks like a miniature German Shepherd! She's soooo pretty..... On Sunday, Jared finished up his tournament, which they won! Lincoln & I hung out at my Mom's. Lincoln enjoyed a canoli...

We got home late Sunday night, when my silly boy decided to party in Momma's bed!

He does this all the time....he goes in between the foot board & mattress. He thinks he's hysterical :)

Another great fun, family weekend! Oh, and I still haven't even looked for another USB cable for my camera...so we're still using my iPhone photos....which I think aren't so bad! I think I might sell my point & shoot camera...my iPhone seems to do a better job!

Hope you all had a great weekend :)


  1. He is so cute! And don't they grow up so fast! Treasure your time before you know it he will be in school and then they really take off from there. I am a new follower of blog thru GFC and would love a follow back when you get a chance. Thanks so much for your help and have a wonderful day!



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