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Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend Recap

We had an AWESOME weekend. We really haven't had a weekend, just the three of us in a long time. It just so happened Jared's work schedule allowed us to have some family time, & boy did we take advantage of it!
Friday before Jared came home from work, I took my sweet boy to his favorite playground. Lincoln seriously thinks this is *his* playground. He walks in like he owns the place, and says hello to everyone. After the playground, we went to the bookstore that is right there, where Lincoln got his first fat lip. Let me set the scene: Nice quiet bookstore. Little active toddler falls down, and his tooth bites his lip, causing quite the high pitched blood curdling scream, and blood. Awesome. I was quite proud of myself for handling the situation as calmly as I did. I scooped him up, wiped the blood off his lip, allowed him to press his bloody lip against my light blue shirt, and brought him to the restroom, where we cleaned him up. He was still pretty upset, so after I got the bleeding under control, we left. I assure you though, he recovered quite quickly, and was thrilled with his popsicle when we got home :)
Saturday & Sunday were spent shopping with our little family. We are on the mission to get Lincoln into his own bedroom. We plan on getting him a twin bed, and a super awesome *big boy* bedding set! We are even putting a tv & dvd player in there for him. Don't judge, I'll try anything!
Shopping wore Lincoln out. He actually passed out in his stroller, something that NEVER happens, because my sweet boy is so nosey :)
& he continued to sleep the entire car ride home. We got home at 7pm, so it made for a later than usual night for Lincoln. But seriously, how cute is he sleeping with his arms over his head :)

& we can't forget our sweet pup, Evy. She's getting SO big. Both of her ears are almost up. She's incredibly smart, and just so much fun! We start puppy training classes with her this week.

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend, and if you haven't, enter our giveaway here. Today's the last day to enter!! Happy Monday :)


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  2. Your little boy is adorable! I'm glad you and your family had a good weekend!
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