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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's the little things...

...that make being a Mommy the best thing I've ever known.

It's watching my sweet boy drift off into a peaceful slumber, snuggling with his blankie. I could stare at his precious face all night long. To me, that little face still looks the same as when he was first born. It's watching him try to be just like me. Whether he's trying to walk our puppy, push the buttons to start the dishwasher, throw away his diaper, or help me change over the laundry. He wants to do everything just like me.

It's how he sweetly gives his sleeping Daddy all of his toys...& even sets him up holding the bat just right :)

It's how he gets SO proud of himself when he masters a new skill. That little smile that says "Did you see that Mom?!" "Look what I did!!!" It makes my heart burst with so much pride and happiness.

It's the sweet snuggles. I will treasure this for as long as he'll let me, because I know it won't be forever. There is nothing I enjoy more, than cuddling my sweet boy.

It's that contagious smile. The smile of my sweet, sweet son. I must be doing something right to have such a happy boy.

It's how, when I'm using my wheelchair, he helps "push me." He knows for me to carry him around, I have to use my chair. So, if I'm sitting on the couch, he'll grab my hand, and then tap my chair. Melts my heart every time that he can understand so much, at such a young age.

I could seriously go on, and on. The bottom line is, nothing compares to being a Mommy. Nothing. My sweet boy is the greatest love I have ever known. I feel so lucky, and so unbelievably blessed to be his Momma.

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  1. Awww... that's such a beautiful post... it brought tears to my eyes. I remember early on in motherhood, when my son was around eight months old... I remember thinking that I didn't know it would be this sweet... that there would be this overwhelming joy that would come just from holding him and from kissing him.

    It was the little things that I found myself marveling at the most, too. The way his lips curled when he smiled, the way he breathed when he slept. Everything seemed like a little miracle.

    Now he's nearly five and he's quite the handful! He's definitely giving us a run for our money. Thank you for reminding me of the sweet times we shared together when he was still soft and plump, before he lost that baby fat and became all elbows and knees!

    Your post was a blessing to me today!

    Smiles, Jenn


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