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Monday, August 15, 2011

A gross, yet informative post.

For over a month now, Lincoln has had a slight obsession with well, his butt. I honestly thought he just "discovered his butt hole" as silly as that might sound. He was honestly, trying to stick his fingers up his butt. Yeah. Excellent.
I thought, "okay, maybe it's itchy." So, I applied Vaseline on numerous occasions. Nope. Didn't seem to stop the "fascination."
Bath time was worse. He would be trying to do it his ENTIRE bath. If I would grab his hands, he would scoot his bottom against the floor of the tub.
It also started to seem to get WAY worse at nighttime. He was seriously trying to shove his hands down his diaper, to get to his butt.
I finally decided to ask the friends on my Mommy board. I wanted to see who else's kid was infatuated with their rear end. That's when a few knowledgeable ladies mentioned pinworms. Oh my goodness, could my kid actually have WORMS?!?! I really had NO idea, & part of me felt so incredibly foolish that here I was just thinking my kid had a butt fetish.
I called Lincoln's pedi and they had us come in the next day. He asked us if Lincoln spends a lot of time outdoors, at the playground, or sandbox. Umm, yes...to all three. He said that pinworms were likely the culprit. I really felt awful that my sweet boy has been suffering all this time, from something that could have easily been treated.
I can honestly say, I already notice a difference in Lincoln. You learn something every day! I feel really guilty that I didn't call his pedi sooner, but at least he should be all set now. And, I am so thankful for my e-mommy friends. They rock, & seriously saved my son's butt [pun intended].


  1. Poor baby had an itchy booty! Pinworms was exactly what I was thinking as i was reading your post. They are supposed to come out at night and you can do something with scotch tape and a flashlight (I know) to see if he has them in the future. Does he play outside without shoes? I am really bad about that with James, must make him wear shoes!

  2. Wow! I would have had no idea what was going on -- I would have been thinking that he just had a butt fetish too!

    So glad you figured it out (and that you shared the info)!


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