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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Water is FUN!!

We recently got Lincoln a water table. It's something I've been thinking of getting him for quite some time now. After much research [yes, don't make fun of me, I researched water tables], we decided to go with the Little Tikes pirate ship water table. This isn't your basic water table...we went for all the bells and whistles with this one! But, to put a smile on my sweet boy's face...this thing was priceless! Here he is checking it out for the first time...

It was smart that we put his bathing suit on, because he was literally scooping cup fulls of water and dumping them on himself. He had a grand old time! The water wasn't very warm, either. Lincoln didn't care though, he happily squealed and danced while he got soaked :)

I really think the $60 was well invested.....& yes, don't judge about me spending $60 on a water table ;)

Here's his latest trick. He tries to catch the water in his mouth....

He cracks me up. He is at such a fun age right now. His personality seems to develop more and more each day. He really is a fun kid :)


  1. Wow, my daughter would LOVE that! She is 3, though. Do you think it would suit a 3 year old in terms of keeping her entertained for more than 10 minutes? She loves dumping things and putting things in buckets and organizing little things like buttons, etc...
    Those water toys are too expensive if I'm not SURE she'll like it, ya know?

  2. Oh I'm sure she would love it! I have my 3 younger cousins here this week and they're ages 10, 12, & 13 and they're having a blast with it, haha!

  3. That water table rocks!! I haven't looked into one yet because my little girl is only 7 months but next summer it will have to be a must!!

    Mr. Lincoln looks like he was having a blast in the water!

  4. That thing is SO COOL! Definitely worth $60, in my opinion. Oh how I wish we had a backyard... I'd be buying one of those things as soon as Ryan was standing!

  5. We have a different style sand & water table and we've used just sand, just water, and right now it has both. We bought it when my daughter turned 2. She's now 4 and her little brother will be 3 in a couple weeks - they absolutely love it! It's up on the deck -visible from the kitchen, so they can even play while I make dinner. They've spent hours at a time playing...worth every penny!!!


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