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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Buh Bye Twenties...

Today is my last day in my twenties :::sigh:::

Why does the number 30 seem so scary to me?

Maybe it's because I remember when my parents were 30? I was 4 years old when we had my Dad's surprise 30th birthday party. I remember it clear as day. We bought him a bike with one of those seat attachments for the back, so I could ride with him :)

My Mom tells me her 30's were WAY better than her 20's. She says in her 30's she [finally] had it all figured out, for the most part anyways. In her 20's she was still learning and developing herself. I guess the same could be said about myself....for my early twenties, anyways.

I'm an optimistic person. Always. So I need to be optimistic about this big birthday! Many, many great things are going to happen in my thirties. I have my sweet boy to love, and watch grow. I have an amazing husband. My Dad will be getting his liver transplant and on his way to a healthier life. We'll be conceiving baby #2 at some point. We'll give Lincoln a little brother or sister and watch them bond. I would love to open an etsy shop at some point in time. My best friend is [FINALLY] going to get pregnant, & have a sweet baby [or 3]! I plan on doing extensive training with Evy to get her certified. We're going to be taking Lincoln to Disney in a few months.

Many, MANY good things will be happening. Manyamazing life events for our family. It's going to be a good decade :)

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