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Friday, June 17, 2011

I found another "time suck."

Pinterest. Have you heard of it? If not, you are SO missing out. I honestly was determined to NOT get involved in this debauchery. I really didn't want to add another "time suck into the mix. After all, there are tons of them out there online...facebook, twitter, blogger, my Mommy board, I could go on and on...& on and on again.

But when my online Mommy friends started chatting about Pinterest, and how much they were loving it, I started to get curious. Finally, I broke down and asked one of them for an invite [because this whole Pinterest thing, is seriously like a prestigious club...you need an invite to get in!]

& well, the rest is history. I'm hooked.

In case you haven't heard of Pinterest, to sum it up best, it's visual bookmarking. It's your own virtual inspirational bulletin board. Sounds weird, right? Yeah. I thought so too. I really had to try it out for myself to fully understand it.

But, where else would I find this freaking adorable playset?!?! I really would prefer to not know the price tag...& you know it's a fortune when the retailer says "call for pricing." But, how freaking cool is this?!
& how about these bunk beds? That looks like way too much fun to sleep! However, I think they are so creative, & what kid wouldn't like this setup?!

& how about some inspiration for our dream back patio. This looks amazing!

So, now I have one more little "time suck" to keep me from doing household chores when Lincoln naps. Oh well, it's good to be inspired ;)

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  1. great minds think (or blog) alike! i blogged about my pinterest guilty pleasure today too!


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