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Monday, June 20, 2011

Change of plans.

Originally, my Dad was supposed to spend this entire week with us. It was a great plan. He'd be able to spend some nice quality time with Lincoln, before he goes to Florida next month.

My parents and brother came to my house on Saturday to spend the weekend. Saturday my Dad was doing okay, he was tired, but okay. Sunday came, and seriously, it was like he got so much worse overnight. He ended up falling in my bathroom, and he practically slept the entire day. He is SO weak. He sometimes can't get up from the chair he's sitting in. Physically, I cannot help him. My Mom obviously knows this, so he ended up going back home with her and my brother on Sunday. My Dad was pretty disappointed, but he was well aware that I can't help him like that.

I also gave him the photo book that I made for him to bring with him to Florida. It has pictures in it of him and Lincoln. He loved it. He cried while looking through the book with my Mom. She is seriously such a strong woman, she completely held it together. After he looked through the book, he gave Lincoln a hug, and he sobbed uncontrollably. My heart seriously broke into a thousand pieces. I know how afraid he is. He loves his Grandson and wants to stick around for many, MANY more years to watch him grow up.

Life sometimes really isn't fair. My Dad's a good man. He's a wonderful father, and an amazing grandfather. He rarely drank before his diagnosis with cirrhosis. I seriously could probably count on one hand the amount of times I ever saw my Dad drink. It was just the luck of the draw that he got this disease, and he doesn't deserve it one bit.

I know he's going to miss Lincoln terribly while he's in Florida. He'll be away for his second birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. We haven't mentioned anything to him yet, but depending on what's going on Christmas time, the three of us, along with my Mom and brother, might spend Christmas in Florida this year.

I honestly think my Dad is afraid Lincoln is going to forget him.. and then there's the though that he'll never see him again. It breaks my heart. I keep telling him Lincoln is so young and won't remember this at all. But he will remember after the surgery, and all the memories they'll be able to make. He'll finally be able to play with his Grandson. That right there, makes this all worthwhile.

If you're the praying type, and have a quick moment, please send my Dad all the positive prayers, vibes, thoughts, that he'll get this transplant as quickly as possible. I really hope he gets it the second he gets to Florida. My Dad's a good guy. He doesn't deserve this :(


  1. Sending prayers your way! Lincoln won't forget! My brother in law has been deployed for almost six months and my little boys still remembers him. We have pictures of him all over the place and talk about him all the time. Also, if you can get Skype, that helps a ton. He loves to see him on Skype. Also, my in-laws live about four hours away (jealous, aren't you!), and there is sometimes a few months that go by when the boys don't see them, but they just pick up right where they left off! Again, sending prayers your way as I am sure this is very difficult!! God Bless!

  2. Your post brought tears to me eyes. I have a great dad too and worry everyday that something might happen that will prevent my son from knowing him. I will be praying for your dad. Skype is awesome! My husband was traveling for work and it really helped both Daddy and Rex. You should definitively look into it.

  3. Oh my gosh I'm so sorry! I will definitely pray for him and you! This is so heartbreaking; I'd be sobbing right along with him! :(

  4. Praying for your dad and your family every day. Your dad sounds like an amazing man; Lincoln is so blessed to have such a great grandfather.


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