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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Riding in Style!

I posted the other day in my "wish list post" that we were in the market for the Baby Jogger City Mini stroller. Well, I've been selling a ton of stuff on ebay lately, so my paypal account was building up the $$$ fast. We decided to put that cash to good use, and get Lincoln his new ride!

He seriously LOVES it! He sat in it the entire time Jared assembled the canopy, snack tray, and cup holder. Then last night, we took him for a walk in it. There's a bike path not too far from our house, so we decided to check that out. It was great, we'll definitely be going back there soon!

Did this stroller cost a small fortune? Yes. However, it is so worth it to see my sweet boy comfy and happy :)


  1. Whoa!! Lincoln has gotten so BIG!! He looks like a little boy!

  2. I love your blog! My son is 20 months old and all boy just like Lincoln. I sell on Ebay as well and was wondering if I could ask if you have a store on Ebay or just sell things here and there. Thanks!! :)


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