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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My [current] wish list...

We all have wish lists. So, I figured I'd tell you what's on my current wish list! I actually had a lot of fun thinking about this, and I'm happy I did it, because now I can refer back to know, so I don't forget anything ;)

Okay, first up is seriously ANYTHING in the watercolor print from Vera Bradley. I adore Vera Bradley, & this print is soooo pretty.Okay, next up is the Kindle. I honestly cannot believe I'm even writing that I want an e-reader. I'm one of those people who said "I'd never want one." I really love owning actual books. However, being able to have hundreds of thousands of books available at your fingertips, really excites me. Not to mention that you can actually get this nifty little device for as little as $114! Yeah, I'm sold, add me to the "I want a Kindle" club.

I would love love LOVE stackable birthstone rings. I'm thinking I probably won't get them until we have baby #2, so I can order them all from the same company & they can be all matchy matchy. I just love the simplicity of these...

Next up on my list is something that is more for Jared, than myself. WELL, technically I suppose it's really more for Lincoln, but anyways. The City Mini stroller from Baby Jogger. It's pretty funny that a stroller is on my wish list, because I am not the one pushing the stroller, it's always Jared. When Lincoln and I go out ourselves, he just sits on my lap :)

Anyways, we are in need of a lightweight stroller for Lincoln. Something that takes up less space. We went to Babies R Us to check them out the other day, & I peer pressured Jared into testing one out. It was love at first push :) We'll be ordering one of these babies soon.

I want a Mother's necklace. Preferably from this etsy shop. I'd like it to say "you are my sunshine" one one disc [that's the song I sing to my sweet boy], & have Lincoln's name on another disc, with his birthstone. Then, I could add another disc & birthstone when we have baby #2.

I also love these brag bands, from the same etsy seller. I think a simple "K heart J" would look
perfect :)

My hardwood floors would greatly appreciate the Eureka Enviro Floor Steamer. Since having Lincoln, our floors are disgusting. I forever feel like I'm picking some nasty sticky substance off our floors. This handy dandy device cleans AND sanitizes your floor! How wonderful!!

I plan on getting the Beco Gemini Baby Carrier, for when we have #2. I hope to wear baby #2 a lot. I figure it will be easier, especially with having an active toddler! This carrier can hold babies up to 35 pounds...& they can face outward when wearing them in a front carry. This was an extremely important feature to me, because I cannot do the backpack carry.

Oh, and NO I am not pregnant with #2, nor are we currently trying. But, we do plan to start trying probably after summer.

Diamond stud earrings. Need I say more? Simple. Elegant. Classic.Next up is a Roomba! Preferably, the pet series one. I think having a robot vacuum my floors sounds heavenly :)
& last, but certainly not in ground pool. I can guarantee that mine won't look like the one pictured, but it will still do the job! We plan on getting one within the next couple of years :)

Okay, I *think* that's it...for now, anyways! So now that I've shared my wish list with you, what's on yours?

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