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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mr. Picky Pants

Since Lincoln has made the transition from purees to table food, he has become one heck of a picky eater. It's to the point, where sometimes I'll offer him something, and he'll purse his lips, and push the spoon away with his hands. He'll give me a look like, "there's no way I'm eating that Mom." If he's not in the mood, he wont' even try it!

He was a better eater when he was 6 months old. He'd gobble up any puree I'd offer him. My sweet boy would be one happy little man, if he could live off of cheese, yogurt, bananas, and blueberries. Actually, any fruit for that matter. Thankfully, fruit isn't a fight with him...however, vegetables are. That's where these handy dandy pouches come in...

Happy Baby Happy Tots, stage 4 pouches. They're designed specifically for toddlers. These pouches are filled with vegetable & fruit yumminess. Lincoln LOVES them. He sorta "drinks" them like a juice box. He goes crazy over these things....just don't tell him he's eating veggies! :)

While I wish he'd just eat vegetables the regular way...for now, this is a great alternative. Are your toddlers picky eaters? What are your secrets for sneaking in veggies?


  1. We use pouches like that for fruit because Lucy will not TOUCH fruit anymore unless it's applesauce.

  2. glad you gave them a shot and it worked out! I have been using those for a few months now to get her veggies in when she's being picky. She adores them!


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