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Thursday, May 26, 2011

I think I'm officially obsessed...

...with strollers.

& the crazy part is, I CANNOT EVEN PUSH THE STROLLER! So, really, it's for Jared. HOWEVER, my reasoning is that it is MY sweet boy who rides in the stroller. Ttherefore, I can certainly have a stroller fetish. Insane, right? But, completely understandable ;)

Okay, so remember how I recently posted that we bought the 2011 Baby Jogger City Mini?
Well, we absolutely love it. Lincoln loves it. It maneuvers wonderfully [or so I've been told]. I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Now, rewind to last week. Jared and I were shopping at Babies R Us. We were in the market for a lawn mower...for Lincoln, of course. While we were walking by the strollers, we stopped by this beauty...

Notice, it's even green like our City Mini. Okay now, Jared's been eyeing these Jeep All Terrain strollers since like, forever. He wants to take Lincoln out for some walks/jogs for some Daddy/Lincoln time. Which, I of course think is fabulous. & how cute is that steering wheel for Lincoln to drive along?!

There just so happened to be a little red sticker on this stroller, that read $49.90. Umm, that surely cannot be right. This stroller retails for $179.99. So, Jared trucks this stroller to the front of the store, all the while he's also pushing Lincoln in our brandy new City Mini. We ask the cashier if the price is correct and...IT IS!!! Seriously, insanely ridiculously deal. I personally think we'd be insane NOT to buy it!! So, of course we did :)

Now we have three strollers. Our original, which is a travel system. The super ridiculously best stroller in the world, our City Mini. And now, our Jeep All Terrain. Lincoln is in stroller paradise! And Jared and I might be committed to the stroller police!!

OH...& Lincoln also got his lawn mower. We opted for the bubble mower. He made out quite well...as per usual :)

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