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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Grapes are a choking hazard

You all know that, right? Of course you do. So, would one of you mind telling that to my know-it-all Mother inlaw?

Lincoln LOVES grapes. And, as you all know, grapes are a HUGE choking hazard for toddlers. So, the other day I was cutting [and peeling] grapes for my sweet boy. My Mother inlaw says, "why are you cutting his grapes?"

Yeah, exactly.

So, I explain about them being a choking hazard. Her response? "Since When?"

And she wonders why we do not allow her to watch Lincoln. The woman clearly has serious issues. I go into a huge speech about WHY grapes are a choking hazard, and she still doesn't get it. She says, "well I don't think you have to cut them so small."

Thank you Mother inlaw for reassuring me that you are batshitcrazy.


  1. Oh jeez. Why do MILs not get it? Things aren't the same as they were 30 years ago!!!!!!

    I constantly fight with my MIL about using blankets. Ugh.

  2. Lovely. James tested positive for peanut allergy a few months ago (although it could still be negative since it might have been caused by the zantac issues) but my mom TRIED TO GIVE HIM PEANUT BUTTER. I am fairly certain her head is filled with rocks. I have never left her alone with James nor will I ever. My MIL is so much better- I love her.

  3. you're not the only grape cutter :-) Evelyn loves them too!


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