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Monday, May 16, 2011

Extreme Couponing

Have you all seen that crazy show? It's really unbelievable all those deals they get. I'm all for a good deal, but some of it I just find outright INSANE! I mean, how many jars of pasta sauce do you really need? Don't get me wrong, I love me some pasta, but would I really use all that sauce before it expires? Nope. Definitely not.

Maybe if I was planning on donating some of the items to a shelter or something, then it would make a little more sense.

Oh, & I totally use coupons. I clip them every Sunday. My favorite way to save is when I can double a manufacturer's coupon, along with a Target coupon. In fact, I actually saved $17 in coupons at Target the other day. I was quite proud of myself. Granted my total bill was still $159, but still. To me, saving $17 on products I'll actually use, is quite a darn good accomplishment!

I guess I'd get the whole "extreme-ness" of couponing if I would actually use the products...AND not have to build myself a separate house to store my stock.

What are your thoughts on coupons? Do you use them? Are you into "extreme couponing?" What techniques do you use?


  1. I can never find coupons for things we'll actually use. And, like you, I don't have the space to keep 10 jars of tomato sauce.

    I use a lot of diaper/wipe/baby item coupons, but that's it.

  2. I just started couponing too. SAHM needs to save money right?! well that show drives me nuts! I saved $75 at shop rite and was so proud of myself even though we were still spending $117 and some of the savings were store offers not coupons. I don't know how they do it. and I totally agree...WHY DO YOU NEED TO STOCKPILE THAT MUCH! haha it drives me nuts...but i tune in anyway!



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