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Monday, May 9, 2011

"All that I am, or ever hope to be, I owe to my Mother..."

Did you know Abraham Lincoln wrote that quote? Although Lincoln wasn't named after him, I thought it was fitting :)

My Mother's Day was fantastic. Although Jared had to work a good portion of the day, it was still perfect. I got to spend the day with my sweet boy. What more could I ask for?

Lincoln got me a cutie little card, a Starbucks gift card, and a "Mommy" coffee mug. Can you tell I like coffee? :) Jared got me a beautiful, very sentimental card. It definitely made me feel appreciated.

When Jared went to work, Lincoln and I had a Mommy/son photo shoot! He absolutely LOVES taking self portraits with me. He giggles the entire time :)

The headband I'm wearing in the photos is custom made by Lily & Rose. I think I may be coming slightly obsessed with her shop. & if we ever have a baby girl, I'll be in trouble for sure!

Anyways, Mother's Day was great. It was quiet, and low key. But, actually being a Mommy to my sweet boy, makes the day all the more special.

I wish I could have spent the day with my own Mom as well. We're 2 1/2 hours away, and she had to work the day, anyways. We went there last Tuesday-Wednesday to celebrate Mother's Day early with her :) She is the best, most amazing Mom in the world. I could never in a million years thank her enough, for all she has done, and continues to do for me. She is also the greatest Grammy to Lincoln. He adores her so much. I love seeing how much she loves him, and he loves her.

I hope everyone had a terrific Mother's Day!!

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  1. happy mother's day! i love the photos! (and your headband is super cute!!!!)


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