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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our Honeymoon

As promised in yesterday's Wedding Day post, today I will share some photos with you from our honeymoon!

We honeymooned locally. My parents have a timeshare townhouse, directly on one of the beaches in Rhode Island. They just so happened to have it the week we'd be honeymooning, so they kindly offered it to us :)

Jared decorated our car, and we arrived in style...

He had the place all decorated when we arrived Here we are on our front deck, overlooking the ocean... The next morning, I woke up to this surprise...
and this...
and this... :)
Yes, my husband can be quite the romantic. However, he also decided he needed to master the Rubik cube on our honeymoon...
He completed it, while I took a blissful 2 hour nap
Here we are with the surprise quilt that was presented to us at our wedding.

Grill master...watch out!

Just me...
Our view from our balcony on the second floor
No, he's not naked
Our last night on our balcony
We had a great time, just relaxing, and enjoying ourselves as newlyweds :)

Because my parents have this as a time share, we luckily get to go back every year, to celebrate our anniversary :) Hope you enjoyed the pics!!

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