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Friday, April 15, 2011

I Feel Pretty...

Well, my blog does anyway :)

How do you all like the new look? Remember that super awesome blog makeover giveaway I posted about last week? Well, I actually won it!!!! I've had my previous design for a little over a year now, & decided it was time for a change. As much as I loved the "Mommy & baby boy" header, I think this one suits my blog better. It is seriously ME. Laptop & cup of coffee, that's me blogging. It was VERY hard for me to part with the Mommy & baby boy, BUT...that is SO not Lincoln anymore. For starters, my "baby" is a toddler :::cue the tears::: AND, he totally has BLONDE hair, not brown! So, it was time for a change :)

Okay, so I need to give major MAJOR props to my Mommy friend over at Life is Sweet, for creating me this stellar new look. She was amazing to work with, and I would 100% absolutely recommend her if you're looking for a blog makeover. Her prices start at $25, which is INSANELY reasonable...most blog companies start at $50 for a basic blog. Go check her out here.

Also, if you have my blog button displayed on your page, could you kindly update it with my pretty new one, listed on the right column? Please and thank you.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!! :)


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