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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blankie Baby

Lincoln has just recently taken a liking to blankies. I find it rather funny, because he is 17 months old, and just getting attached to them now. I thought it would have happened sooner than this! But anyways, it's very cute nonetheless!! He'll climb into his chair, and wrap himself in his blankie... The other night he actually covered me up with his blankie, and then waved "bye bye." I think my sweet boy tucked me into bed! Here he is the other night, clearly way tired, dragging his blankie around on his Toy Story car...

My brother had a favorite blankie when he was a baby. My Mom still has it, except it no longer looks like a blankie, but more like a knotted rag :)

Does your baby have a certain blankie or lovey that he/she is attached to? I think it's super cute :)


  1. My daughter has a "mayme" as she calls her blankey! Actually? She has three... of the exact same blanket in case one is lost, in the wash, etc. Its crazy how much she loves that thing! But I think its super cute too :)

  2. My daughter didn't get into blankies (or any attachment item) until 18+ months. She calls them "TeeTees" for whatever reason.


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