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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Winter Wonderland

If you're from New England, you know that we can have some pretty treacherous winters. This winter, we have seriously had record breaking snow accumulation. We have had a storm once a week...that is insane!!!

I had yet to take Lincoln out to play in this snowy mess, because of how hectic our schedule has been. However, this past weekend, my parents came over, and Lincoln got to play in the snow with his Grammy!!

She bought him this darling little sled...seriously, how cute?!And she took him up and down the driveway a gazillion times....

Here they are right before they decided it was time to come in. Lincoln was falling asleep!!

And just for the fun of it, I took a picture of this crazy snow pile in the front of my house...

Wanna come visit? :)
Lincoln seemed to enjoy himself, and actually threw quite the temper tantrum when he came inside...he wanted to go back out!
As pretty as all this snow is, I'm looking forward to the spring!


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