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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Oh Kohls, how I love thee...

We're making some changes to our master bedroom and guest room at our house. The biggest change, is we're getting a king size bed for our room...woot! I'm obviously ridiculously excited about this. We headed to Kohls the other day to check out their bedding sets. They were having an awesome sale, and we were able to score this beautiful 20 piece set for half off! We liked the set so much, we decide to get another one for our guest room, just in a different color... They were also offering $10 Kohls cash for every $50 we spent. We got a few other things, such as pillows [a TON], a cutie outfit for Lincoln, and a new "big boy" wrap towel for him. We ended up with $80 in Kohls cash!!! But our savings was $900...INSANE! I love Kohls :)


  1. #1 beautiful set
    #2 Kohl's rocks and I love their sales
    #3 wow to that savings, awesome

  2. Oh gosh i envy this, i have been wanting to redo my bedroom for years... i had the money this tax return but not the ability to. SO my hubby promised me next year!


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