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Monday, February 7, 2011

King of the Castle

...Lincoln has his very own, big boy chair! I wanted to get him one for Christmas. Honestly, I had all intentions on buying him one of those super cute personalized ones from Pottery Barn Kids, but the fabric I liked was on backorder until March!

So, we headed to Babies R Us last weekend. We had no plans on buying Lincoln a chair there, but once we saw it, we fell in love! We took it off the shelf, and plopped him in it. He started smiling and happily swinging his legs. It was meant to be :)

When we came home, he climbed right in...

And the next morning, he enjoyed his morning cup of milk in his new chair, while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse [note the crazy bed head] :)

Even our cat, Oliver likes the chair...

While I really had my heart set on a Pottery Barn Chair, I am happy we went this route. It is made of a super great, WASHABLE, microfiber material. It should last us a LONG time!


  1. Lincoln looks adorable in that chair... bed head and all! :)

  2. I don't think the pottery barn chairs look as nice as the one you got him. They get kinda frumpy over time. Good choice! He is precious in those pics!


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