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Monday, February 28, 2011

Call me crazy...

...but, I completely bought something for our unconceived, baby #2 yesterday!

You should all know by now, that I love giraffes. It mostly started when we got Sophie for Lincoln, and then it grew from there. My sweet boy was a giraffe for Halloween. And, he even had a giraffe themed 1st birthday party.

So, while at one of my most favorite stores ever, Kohls, I spotted this super cute sleep-n-play. ...not only does it have an adorable giraffe on it, it's 100% completely gender neutral!!! How perfect is that for baby #2?! Oh, and underneath the giraffe, it says, "So Big." CUUUUTE!!!!

I had to buy it. Jared even wanted it. So, now it will sit in storage for quite some time until we have our second wee baby.

It might sounds crazy in theory, but to me, it's practical :)

1 comment:

  1. the outfit is darling!

    but gee wiz, woman! you have babies on the brain! :) lol....

    i predict an announcement sometime soon...


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