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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Home Away From Home

Naturally, my parents house is like a second home to me. And it seems to be Lincoln's as well :) Just look at how "at home" he is raiding the cabinets [such a smart boy, this is where his food is kept] ;) Lincoln and I actually spend more time at my parents these days than our own house. Lately, we've been spending the entire week here while Jared is away at the Academy. It works out great, for the both of us. Lincoln misses his Daddy terribly when he's away. Normally on Monday mornings he would be extremely clingy with me at home. Being at my parents offers him a distraction. He gets to see his Grammy & Grandpa, and Uncle! My brother still lives at home. He is absolutely amazing with Lincoln....and Lincoln loves his Uncle SO much!

I think my sweet boy enjoys being here with me during the week, what do you think? :)
....umm, and incase you were wondering, just 20 days left until Jared graduates! I'm not counting down or anything ;)

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  1. Look how big your LO has gotten. He is adorable:)


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