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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bye Bye Bottle

Lincoln is 100% rockin' the sippy cup!

It really doesn't even matter which kind....regular sippy, or straw sippy, he takes both happily! We've been bottle free for about 3 weeks now, and it's going great! I started the transition by dropping his two daytime bottles and replacing them with either milk or water in a sippy. He still got his morning & evening bottle. We did this for a few weeks, and then dropped his morning bottle. The following week we dropped his evening bottle, and here we are :) ...well, until we decide to have baby #2 anyways! Here is my sweet boy enjoying a yummy fruit smoothie :) :) :)

...and here he is again saying, "Mom, enough with the pictures already!!!"

The transition was A LOT easier than I imagined it would be, thankfully! I still have a couple of bottles in my house in the event he gets sick and will only drink from a bottle.

The next step..."Operation No More Paci!!" Yeah...I don't think that one will be happening quite sweet boy is slightly attached to his beloved pacifier :::sigh::: We'll get there...

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  1. Help! Do you give him a sippy cup of milk at meals or throughout the day too (outside of meals)?

    My 15 month old will drink water from a sippy but refuses milk. But she drinks milk just fine in a bottle. The doctor says she needs to cut out the water completely since it's hindering her growth (19.5 lbs at 15 months old). I don't want to give her the sippy of water all day long (like I used to do with the water), but she throws it on the ground if milk is in it with her meals. The result is I think she'll get dehydrated.



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