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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I said I would never do it. That was probably my first mistake.

Let me begin by saying Lincoln has NEVER been a good sleeper. The first night home from the hospital was torture. He refused to sleep in his cradle. The second we put him down, he would scream. This continued night after night, until Jared and I ended up sleeping on the couch with him. He would sleep on Jared's chest. We did this for the first two months.

Looking back on it now, and because I'm slightly more knowledgeable about babies, I think Lincoln had reflux but was never diagnosed with it...poor baby. He spit up like a champ....and I don't mean a little spit up. It was more like a waterfall of spit up. Whenever I mentioned it to his pedi, she never seemed concerned. However, I never mentioned him screaming the second we put him down. We live and learn I guess.

At 2 months we were able to transfer Lincoln to his crib. I would rock him to sleep with a bottle, and then he'd go down. He'd wake up once or twice during the night for another feeding. He would also sometimes cry in his sleep. He still does this and it breaks my heart. I *think* he could be having night terrors. My brother had them as a baby, and my Mom seems to think Lincoln has them as well. It is so sad to see your baby crying in their sleep.

At around 4 months Lincoln was sleeping through the night for the most part. He would wake up crying in his sleep still, but either Jared or I would go into his room and rub his back for a bit...most of the time he'd drift off to sleep.

Fast forward to Jared entering the Police Academy. I am home alone with a baby who despises sleep. What did I resort to? Bedsharing. I attempted the first few nights alone with Lincoln in his crib, but it was awful. Lincoln woke up tons and I was miserable, he was miserable, it wasn't a good mix.

Lincoln LOVES bedsharing. And honestly, I'd be lying if I said I didn't love it too. He is the sweetest baby boy and loves to cuddle. He reaches for me in his sleep, which melts my heart. He still does cry in his sleep though...I really hope this goes away soon.

Bedsharing does have a negative aspect though. When Jared comes home on the weekend, Lincoln absolutely will not sleep in his crib. Which means, the three of us all sleep together. Sounds sweet and all, but I know Jared is getting sick of it and wants to sleep with his wife again...alone.

We are planning on transitioning Lincoln out of our bed when Jared graduates from the Academy in February. I'm not sure yet if I want to try the crib, or attempt a toddler bed. I don't know if he'll feel better sleeping in a toddler bed because he's been in our bed for so long.

If anyone has any experience in this whatsoever, please help a girl out! If you bedshared, how did the transition go? What did you do? I absolutely HATE the "cry it out" method. We've tried it hear and there with Lincoln and he gets SO upset he practically makes himself sick. Any and all help on this topic is much appreciated...thank you all in advanced :)

I guess my whole purpose of this post [other to get some advice from my fellow bloggers], was just to say that when it comes to parenthood, anything is game. Just because you swear up and down something won't happen, doesn't mean it won't! I never ever ever thought I'd be bedsharing....but here we are!


  1. Kami, I feel your pain!!! My daughter is 18 months old and has slept in our bed since she was 2 weeks old. I love the same things about it that you do. She loves to cuddle, I love cuddling her, I know she is safe... it lets both of us sleep soundly. The problem is that she is all over the place. Sometimes she even turns completely sideways. Just the other night she sat up and just laid down on my husbands face. So sometimes it can be rough, and we too have been exploring ways to make for an easy transition to her own bed, for all of us.

    Here is our plan. I'm going to start out by taking her mattress out of her bed and putting it on the floor next to our bed. After she gets use to that I'll put it on the floor in her room, maybe sleep in there as well a few nights too. After that is working well I'll put her mattress into her bed and hopefully we will have our bed back to ourselves!

    Good luck!

  2. I'm going through the exact samething with my 14 month old. She's been sleeping with the hubbie and I since birth and now that I would LOVE for her to sleep in her own crib she's completely against it, so any advice or tips you get please send them my way!


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