The Momma Diaries: November 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

One Year Old

To my sweet boy Lincoln:

Today you are one year old. Time sure does fly. It seems like just yesterday your Daddy was placing you into my arms for the first time...yet, it feels like you've been part of my life forever.

This past year has been the happiest, most amazing year of my life. You have taught me so much about taught me how to be a Mommy, the most rewarding job I have ever known.

The happiness and love you have brought to my life is indescribable. Being your Mommy is the greatest thing I've ever done with my life. Saying "you mean everything to me," doesn't seem like enough. You mean the world to me and so much more. I would do anything for you. You are my sweet, precious son. You are my perfect miracle.

Your strength amazes me. How can someone so tiny be so strong? Physically, you are so much stronger than your Mommy already, and that fills my heart with so much joy.

Your Daddy and I love you so much. We would move mountains just to see you smile. All we want in life, is for you to be happy. Your smile and laughter melts our hearts.

Your birthday is very bittersweet for me. It makes me sad that this first year has gone by entirely too quickly. It makes me even miss those crazy newborn stages, where it felt like we never got any sleep. Yet, at the same time, I am literally awe struck at this amazing little boy you have become. I love watching you discover and learn something new. To see the pure delight in your face, gives me such pride. I love how the littlest things can make you squeal with delight!
Thank you for making me the happiest Mommy in the world. I never knew how much I would love having a son. You are my world.
Happy Birthday my sweet boy, Lincoln. I love you forever!
Love Always,


Monday, November 22, 2010

Lincoln's [first] 1st Birthday Party!

We had Lincoln's first 1st birthday party this past weekend at my parents house in Rhode Island. His second party is this coming weekend.

Overall, I think the party was a huge success. We had a great time with family and friends, and Lincoln managed to stay happy despite only having a 40 minute morning nap!

Here are some of the decorations...

Birthday cake

Lincoln with his Godparents, Auntie Lori & Uncle Kyle (my brother)

cake time!!

he gagged on the frosting!

smash cake...before & after :)

opening presents...with Mommy's help of course ;)

Me with my sweet boy :)

He went crazy over this bunch of balloons!

Family picture :)

my tuckered out boy...

Next up is his actual birthday, tomorrow. I'm going to snuggle him tight tonight!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Lincoln's Birthday Shirt....

...thought you'd all enjoy a sneak peak of Lincoln's birthday shirt. It got it in the mail yesterday :) Seriously, how stinkin' cute is that?! I cannot believe his first party is tomorrow. Where has this past year gone??????

Monday, November 15, 2010

Busy weeks ahead!

These next two weeks are INSANELY busy for us. I will be spending the majority of this week at my parents house preparing for Lincoln's 1st birthday party there on Saturday.

Then next Tuesday, my sweet boy turns one! :::cue the tears:::

Wednesday is his one year pediatrician appointment.

Thursday is Thanksgiving.

Friday is not only "Black Friday," but we're also having Lincoln's one year photos taken!

Saturday is his 1st birthday party here in Connecticut!

Holy smokes are we busy!

This past weekend I finished up some preparations for his parties...what a lucky boy having TWO 1st Birthday parties :) I made a slideshow of his first year to display on a digital picture frame...sooooo stinkin' cute!!! It's amazing to watch him grow up throughout this past year.

So, with all this craziness...I might not be around blogging too much. But, I will try to keep you all updated as much as I can :)

Here is one of Lincoln's latest pics... :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

While you were sleeping...

Lincoln has changed and grown so much this past year, yet one thing seems to remain the same...his precious little baby face when he's sleeping.

Sometimes I'll just watch him sleep because I can see my tiny little baby in his face. He still looks the same to me. With his precious little eyelids closed, cute little button nose, and perfect tiny lips, he becomes my wee tiny little babe again.

It's rare that I'm able to capture a picture of him sleeping nowadays, but here is a comparison from when he was just a few days old to now :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Kewt Kids [Review & Giveaway]

Kewt Kids is a great little shop that offers many essential items for babies and children. Their company strives to provide items that are high-quality, high-style, and high-function. Kewt Kids products are all custom designed and handmade.

Lincoln was sent their Happy Strap Bottle Leash to review. This bottle leash is absolutely perfect, and serves as a great function. It seems to be longer than most of the other bottle leashes I've tried, which is a nice feature. The leash can be used to serve a variety of multiple functions, such as to attach a bottle, sippy cup, or favorite toy. We used the strap to attach Lincoln's Sophie to his stroller :)

We had an incident a couple of weeks ago, and Lincoln almost lost his beloved friend Sophie. Luckily someone kindly returned her to the customer service desk at the store we were at, otherwise my sweet boy would have been heartbroken. Now when we go out on the town, Sophie is safely secure to Lincoln's stroller with the Happy Strap Bottle Leash :)

Kewt Kids offers many other items for your little one, such as hair accessories, bandana bibs, and burpies. One of my readers will have the opportunity to win their own Happy Strap Bottle Leash from Kewt Kids! Here's how to enter:

Mandatory Entry [leave one comment]:

Visit Kewt Kids and tell me your favorite product.

Bonus Entries [leave one separate comment for each additional entry]:

Follow my blog publicly [1 entry/comment]

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This giveaway will end on Monday November 15th at 11:59pm EST. Winner will be announced [chosen from]. Winner will have 48 hours to respond, or a new winner will be chosen. Good luck everyone!!!

Please note: I was in no way compensated to perform this review. These opinions are my own.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Boys will be boys!!!

I cannot believe I forgot to share the cuteness of these pictures with you!

A couple of weeks ago my friend and I took Lincoln to a nearby playground. I was hoping there would be swings for him, but they only had big kid swings :(

They did however have this ginormous tire. So, we decided to plop him inside...look how teeny he looks in that big tire :)

He seriously had a blast. Here he is checking out some twigs...

And now proudly showing them to me :)

He got his first touch of some dirt!!!

He was so mesmerized!!!

Then he started being a crazy man tearing the place up!

Being silly :)
So proud to show me :)

We had a great time. Lincoln needed a nice bath when we got home though! This summer I think we'll have to make him a sandbox :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Festivities!

We had a very very busy weekend. On Saturday we had a birthday/halloween party to attend. Lincoln had a ball and enjoyed playing with the balloons. Here he is with his Great Grandmother [she's 93 years old!]

Sunday we celebrated Lincoln's last first holiday...Halloween! As you all know he was a super cute giraffe. We headed to Jared's aunts house for some good food and trick or treating with his cousins kids! Here is "the ark" as we were referring to it...Lincoln is in the back, his cousin [who is exactly one month older than him] is in the front!

We didn't stay out too long because it was quite cold. The big kids finished up trick or treating with their Dad while the rest of us went inside to get warm :) Here's my adorable giraffe being cute...

Here are the boys playing :)

We had a great weekend. Hope you all had a spooktacular Halloween! :) :) :)

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