The Momma Diaries: March 2010

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm Radioactive!

As of 2pm this afternoon, I am officially radioactive! It's such a crazy process. I had to take two pregnancy tests, one a month ago, and the other on Monday, so they could make sure I wasn't pregnant. I knew there was no way whatsoever that I was, but it's some rule, so whatever. In order for me to take the pill, I had to put on a pair of rubber gloves. The doctor handed me a medicine cup with the pill inside of it. I went to take the pill out with my fingers, but was urgently instructed to not touch the pill (even though I was wearing the gloves), and to just put it directly into my mouth. The radioactive iodine will destroy any remaining thyroid tissue that is left in my body. On Monday, I will go for an uptake scan to make sure all cancer cells are no longer present (fingers crossed). My prognosis is extremely good, so I am being optimistic. I also have to carry around a card for 100 days saying I am radioactive. Apparently the state police carry around transmitters alerting them of radioactivity. I could set this off! I definitely don't want them thinking I'm some crazy terrorist!

My mom is staying with us to help out with Lincoln for a few days. It's really hard to not be around him. Right now she's feeding him his bottle and rocking him to sleep. He seems to be having a tough go of it, because I can hear him crying :( I miss my baby.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

In the butt?!?!

Yeah, that was me saying that yesterday. That is where I had to receive my injection of thyrogen. And I get another today...fabulous. It didn't hurt at all, but in the butt?! Really?! I was surprised nonetheless. Tomorrow I go in for the RAI, and then Friday for a scan. Almost done with this cancer crap.

Considering I can't be around Lincoln while I'm radioactive, I've been giving him some extra snuggles this week. Last night we rocked for awhile before I put him down to bed. And this morning, we cuddled on the couch :) I'm going to miss him TONS...even if it is for only a day or two. My mom is coming to help take care of him. I'm basically quarantining myself to the master bed/bath for the duration. It's going to stink, royally. Oh well, gotta do it!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Presto Chango!

Well, whatcha think?! ;) I am SO in love with my new blog, and it's all thanks to Emma at Indie Chick Designs. You can visit her site here I would most definitely recommend her to anyone who wants their blog revamped. She is AWESOME! She told me it would take about a week, but seriously, it wasn't even that long. Her prices are very reasonable, and she is just so nice, and great to work with.

I now have a cute little button that you can add to your blog if you'd like. It's on the left column of my blog. If you add my button to your blog, leave me a comment and I'll put yours on my page!

On another note, I go today for my first shot to get me ready for the radioactive iodine (RAI) treatment on Wednesday. I have to have a shot today and tomorrow. It basically gears up your body to absorb the iodine. Fun stuff. Oh well, at least this should be final chapter on my thyroid cancer. Then I can put all of that in the past. It's been a tough ride, but it certainly has made me stronger.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cereal Time!

So, the other day at Lincoln's 4 month appointment, we got the go ahead to start solids. His pedi said to start with some sort of cereal, whether it be rice, oatmeal, or barley. We chose to start with oatmeal. Right after his appointment, we were so excited for him to try something new that we headed straight to Target. We were advised to feed him at dinner time, so we waited it out, set up his little highchair, and around 5:00 we dove right in!

Here he is taking his first bite!

Thinking "hmm...this isn't so bad!"
Cereal face!
He seriously LOVED it! I was surprised how well he did for his first time. It was so fun watching his face make all sorts of different expressions, wondering what this was all about! His pedi said to keep him on cereal for a week, and then we can start veggies and fruit. I am looking forward to this new little adventure!

Here is a video of him enjoying his dinner :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

4 Months Old!

How did my baby get to be 4 months old? I love him more and more each day. We had his 4 month checkup yesterday, and he is doing great, as always ;) He now weighs 16 lbs 2 1/2 ounces, and is 26 1/2 inches long! He is going to tower over his momma for sure! We also got the go ahead to start solids...yay! We tried oatmeal last night, and my little man LOVED it! Mommy took lots of pictures (of course), but that will be a post for another day :)

At 4 months Lincoln is doing lots of things:
~He is thisclose to rolling over.
~He sleeps through the night...which is majorly awesome.
~I think he's officially a complete "mama's boy," and I so LOVE that!
~He loves toys...rattles, teethers, stuffed name it. And he tries to put them all into his once.
~He holds his bottle when you feed him.
~He loves the sound of his voice. He has conversations with mommy all day long :)

Here are a few pictures from our 4 month photo shoot the other day:

Lincoln always smiles when he sees Sophie the Giraffe :)
Check out the drool!!

Looking super handsome, as always ;)

I know I say it all the time, but really, he's growing SO fast. On another note, look for a pretty new blog makeover in the near future. I'm in the process of getting my blog revamped, and I cannot tell you how super psyched I am about this! I figure with my blog looking all shiny and new, I will be more motivated to keep this thing updated :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thyroid: Take Two

Many of you might remember, but not so long ago, I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer, and had to have a complete thyroidectomy. I was supposed to immediately have radioactive iodine (RAI) treatment, however, I got pregnant! So, although the whole cancer scare slipped my mind for the past 9's time to deal with it again.

I had my follow up appointment with my endocrinologist to get the ball rolling. While he was examining my neck, he said "hmm...I feel something the size of a pin head. It could either be reoccurrence of your thyroid cancer, or scar tissue." Naturally, I freaked out. Jared was great and told me not to worry until we actually had something to worry about, but in all honesty, I was pissed! I just want to be done with the whole cancer thing.

So, he sent me for an ultrasound. I seriously grilled the tech the entire time...even though I know she's not supposed to tell me anything. She was great though. She answered all of my questions to the best of her ability. She said there was definitely some small thyroid tissue remaining, but she did not see any nodules. Nodules would indicate cancer. She told me if I didn't hear from my doctors office the next morning, that I could call at noon and they would have the results.

Seeing as the next day was a Friday, I did not call and figured I'd wait it out until Monday. When I called on Monday, I was told I would have to wait until THURSDAY when my doctor makes his patient calls. Seriously?!?! I was peeved! Mind you, thoughout this whole waiting process I was on vacation in Tennessee visiting with my brother inlaw, niece, and nephew. I really just wanted some relief.

Low and behold, my doctor called Thursday night to basically tell me that everything is A-Ok. I have some thyroid tissue remaining, but the RAI will destroy that, so it's no biggie. And, most importantly, my thyroid cancer has NOT returned! I really had to wait a whole week for them to tell me everything is okay. Why couldn't they just tell me that when I called? Ugh!

Anyways, my RAI is all set up. I will receive a little pill that will make me radioactive next Wednesday, March 31st. The killer is I have to stay away from Lincoln for a couple of days :*( Seriously, that is going to be the hardest thing ever! I really need to get this done though, so it's the best thing for all of us. The RAI will destroy any remaining thyroid tissue.
The whole process is supposed to be really simple. Just having to stay away from my baby completely stinks!

Monday, March 22, 2010

One Year Ago

It's amazing how much your life can change in one year. Exactly one year ago, to this very day. I was staring at this:

And then that turned into this
Which turned into this :)
It is amazing when you think about it :) This year has been the most wild ride yet. I cannot believe how fast the time is flying now that Lincoln is born. For those of you who are pregnant, enjoy it, because it will be over in the blink of an eye, and you will be saying, "where did the time go?" Don't get me wrong, I love having an outside baby more than anything in the world....but, the whole process is truly amazing...and I think we should all appreciate it.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

We're Back!!!

We made and from Tennessee, in one piece...and successfully! Lincoln was better than I ever imagined him to be! He is quite the little traveler :) We had a great time visiting my brother inlaw, niece, and nephew. We were there for 9 days, but of course it flew by! We were gone for two weeks total! It's good to be home, but of course we miss everyone. Here are a few pictures from our trip!

Me with my cutie pie niece, Mallery
Lincoln with his big cousin Mallery

Lincoln getting some snuggles from Mallery

Lincoln relaxing with Uncle Quincy, Mason, and Mallery

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Road trip!

So, maybe we're crazy...BUT, we're taking a 16 hour road trip to Tennessee to visit my brother inlaw, niece, and nephew...and we leave first thing tomorrow morning! We think Lincoln will be fine for the trip. He's great in the car. He normally just sleeps, and when he is awake, he just looks all around...such a curious little guy! We are hoping it only takes us two days to get there...but we're under no time restraints, so whatever happens, happens. With travel time, we'll probably be gone for about two weeks or so. Which means, this blog will be lacking some updates! Anyways, I hope everyone has a great two weeks while we're away. Let's hope little Lincoln enjoys his first big road trip with mommy & daddy!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

[not quite] Wordless Wednesday

Lincoln's christening was this past weekend. It was a beautiful ceremony performed by the same Reverend who married Jared and me...which to us, made it all the more special! Lincoln wore his godfather's, my brother's christening outfit, which I thought was super sweet! Here are some pics from the day

Lincoln with mommy & daddy
Lincoln with his brother and bestest that I've known since we were 5

Lincoln's cute cake...made by his godmother :)

Lincoln being blessed

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

3 Months

My little man is officially 3 months old! He changes so much each day that it really is amazing. I am so thankful I am able to stay home at him so I don't miss any of these special moments. I do not know how any of you mommies go back to work! I mean, I know some of you have to, and I totally get that, but it must be SO hard! I really REALLY appreciate how fortunate and lucky I am to be able to stay home with Lincoln!

So, what is Lincoln up to this month?
-He now officially LOVES bath time! In fact, this is where he had his first belly laugh :)
-He is a wild man when it comes to kicking. He loves to kick his "friends" on his activity mat.
-He recently has started batting objects and grasping toys really well.
-We are practicing sitting up by having him sit on the couch. He does very well with this. I think it will only be a matter of time before he is sitting unassisted.
-He has complete head control.
-He is obsessed with his hands and putting them in his mouth. He sure does try to put his entire fist into his mouth. This will sometimes occupy him for 20 minutes!
-He laughs and "talks" constantly.
-When doing tummy time, he can do a chest push up. I think he'll be rolling over soon!
-He copies people...especially mommy! If I make a noise with my lips, he tries to copy me :)

That's all I can think of, although I'm sure there's more! So, of course we had a 3 month photo shoot the other day. Here are some of the shots:

Thinking, "mom I'm getting sleepy!"

He saw his daddy and this is the face he made:

So stinkin' cute!
I do not know exactly how much he weighs because our pedi doesn't do a 3 month checkup, but I'm guessing somewhere around 14 pounds. He is wearing 3-6 month clothes, unless it's a sleeper, or something with feet, then it's either 6 months or 6-9 months because he's one long little guy!

I cannot believe how fast this time is going, and how quickly he grows! He is SUCH a sweet boy, and I absolutely LOVE having a son :)

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