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Monday, December 20, 2010

Deck the Halls!

This weekend we [finally] put up our Christmas decorations. With Jared being gone all week, and me heading back and forth to my parents house, we really have had absolutely no time to decorate!

We have a few changes this year. For itty bitty 3 foot fake tree that we have sitting in our bay window. I think this is the safest bet for Lincoln this year. I am sure he'd love a huge tree...but I think he'd tear it up :)

So, here it is...sorry for the darkness of the picture, but there's a village on each side of the tree, as well as the misfit toys displayed in the window :) Oh...and you see all that SNOW on the ground! This is the view of my front yard...look at the gorgeous mountains ahead :) I also ordered this super cute stocking that I have been eyeing from Pottery Barn Kids since like before I was ever pregnant :)

And finally, I had to share a family photo. This was taken at "Family Night" at the Police Academy. You can really tell how short I am here :) Lincoln looks super serious, which almost never happens. Anyways, I love how it turned out :)

Now I am off to [attempt] to get my sweet boy down for a nap. He seriously fights sleep like it's his job, wish me luck!

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