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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My newest addiction...

Have you heard of Zulily?? If not, you seriously need to check it out. I'm hooked! It offers daily deals of couture items for babies, moms, and children. I'm contemplating getting Lincoln this Mary Meyer giraffe they have on sale right now. And honestly, if I had a baby girl I'd be in so much trouble, because there's WAY more girl stuff on this site than boys. Don't get me wrong, they still have some super cute boy items...but [as usual] there's more for girls :(

To sign up for their daily deals, click here...and welcome to my latest addiction :)

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  1. Hey! I am leaving you a Lovely Blog Award for your lovely blog.

    Check it out!

    Oh and those pictures of Lincoln are so presh. He is such a doll, you're going to have your hands full later in life ma'am!


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