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Friday, October 1, 2010

10 Months Old

Where has the time gone?

I know I say it every month, but how on earth is my sweet boy 10 months old already? Seriously, he is growing up before my eyes, so quickly! I wish we could freeze time. The other night I watched him peacefully sleep for about 10 minutes. I remembered when he was a newborn, and sleeping was about the only thing he did. While watching my not so newborn baby sleep, his little face still looked the same to me as it did the day he was born....so tiny, and perfect.

I feel like Lincoln has really started to do a lot this month. Here's what he's up to at 10 months old:

  • crawls like a pro.
  • stands up and cruises holding onto furniture.
  • plays peek-a-boo.
  • claps on demand [my favorite] :)
  • waves.
  • gives "high fives."
  • has FOUR teeth [two top & two bottom]
  • makes many sounds, including: ma, da, la, ba, ra, ya
  • loves to eat cheese and yogurt.
  • loves animals and squeals at them.
  • is the sweetest boy I know :)
His 10 month photo shoot was very difficult! He did not want anything to do with sitting still...which resulted in one unhappy boy...

I gave him the backing paper to his onesie sticker and he was very excited by this! He was shaking it all around!!

Crawling after me...
Being silly...

Reaching for me to pick him up...

Coming to get me ....again!

Look at those teeth!!

I'm starting to plan his first birthday party! While it is very exciting, it is bittersweet for me. My baby will be entering the world of toddlerhood! I cannot believe it! I feel like he learns something new each day. I guess that old saying about babies brains being like a "sponge" is true, because Lincoln learns SO quickly! It's amazing to watch him discover something new :)
Happy 10 months my sweet boy, Momma loves you more and more each day!

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