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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Weekend Recap

Yes, I know it is now Thursday and I'm just getting to my weekend update now. Let's just say we have been very very busy! Our weekends are filled spending time together...and during the week, it's just me and Lincoln. My sweet boy certainly keeps my days busy! We also go to my parents for a couple of nights during the week, so we're busy traveling the 2 1/2 hours there and back. Honestly, the weeks are going by pretty quickly for me!

This week has been especially busy. Monday, Lincoln and I went to Rhode Island to visit my parents, and yesterday afternoon we headed to the Police Academy for family night with Jared! It was a fun time for all :) I got to meet some of the people in Jared's class, and I was seriously in awe of how nice these men were...all such gentlemen! It was nice.

Now, back to last weekend.....we had a very [full] weekend. Saturday we headed to The Big E. For those of you are aren't familiar with it...it's basically a huge fair in New England that runs for 3 weeks every year. We had fun, despite the heat...my god it was HOT...and the ridiculous crowds. We figure if we decide to go next year, it will definitely be during a weekday, because the crowds were really insane.

Lincoln enjoyed himself in the petting zoo area. Here he is checking out a goat.

He was very cautious at first, but once Daddy showed him how to pet the goats nicely, he was loving it :)

...and here are my two boys :)

We were only there a few hours because it was way too hot...while we walked back to the car, Lincoln passed out. It is very rare I get a sleeping baby picture anymore, so I seized the opportunity :)

Once we left, it was still relatively early in the day, so Jared suggested we head to the Yankee Candle Village. This was AWESOME!!! This place was huge. All the rooms were set up with different themes. In one room, it snows every 4 minutes...Lincoln thought that was pretty cool! Someone was nice enough to offer to take a family picture of us in front of this tree...I think it came out pretty good :)

We had a blast with Lincoln in the toy room. Here he is riding a zebra :)

And before we left, although we didn't buy one single candle...we did buy our sweet boy this adorable stuffed giraffe :)

I'm not sure what's in store for this weekend yet...but I'm sure it will be something fun! I am also fully aware [and in denial] that my sweet little Lincoln turned 10 months last week...that post will be for another day.
Hope you are all having a great week!

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