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Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Recap

We had an awesome weekend....and I have decided that the weekend's go by WAY too fast :(

Since Jared is away at the Police Academy all week, our weekends are really just the three of us. Because our time is limited, we want to soak up as much family time as we can....and Lincoln needs to spend some quality time with his Daddy!

Saturday morning we headed out first thing to the uniform store about an hour away. Jared needed to get a few things. Honestly, the trip was going great until we got off the highway. There was a race going on in the middle of downtown Danbury and literally every road we needed to take to get to the store was shut down. We were in the worst traffic ever for an hour. Lincoln was a trooper for the whole thing, but we were getting quite aggravated!

Once we finally were able to get to the uniform store, we thought we'd grab some lunch. I plugged in the GPS and saw there was a Maggy McFly's nearby...awesome....we headed there. Unfortunately, it looks like Maggy McFly's closed down in the location our GPS sent us. It was nowhere to be found, however it did say, "arriving at your destination, on left." No Lola [our GPS name] there was no Maggy McFly's there, just a Walgreens :(

Jared thought there was a mall nearby, so we were hoping Lola wouldn't let us down again when we located the mall. Lucky for us, the mall was still standing ;)

We ate at Pizzeria Uno, and then shopped around a bit. I was psyched because there was a Janie & Jack. I love Gymboree, and Janie & Jack is like an upscale version of it. And upscale it was indeed. Let's just say I didn't buy anything there...$30 for a pair of knit pants was a bit too much.

We did have a blast though. Before we left, Jared thought it would be fun for Lincoln to have his first carousel ride...

He was all about the straps! Waving to his Momma :)

His "pony tattoo" from the ride

Lincoln & Daddy after the ride

Waving to Mommy again :)

After all that excitement, he crashed...

I don't think he knew what to think about the carousel...he was VERY serious for the ride. When we got home, he happily read one of his favorite books...

Sunday we ran a few quick errands in the morning, bought Lincoln a new toy, and then headed home for the remainder of the day. Here's little Lincoln playing with his new toy...a drum!

We had a great fun-filled weekend...but they go by entirely too quickly. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!!

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