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Friday, September 3, 2010

Our mini-trip!

As promised, here is the post about our little visit to RI :)

We are planning on going every week to visit my family while Jared's away at the Academy. The 2 1/2 hour car ride went very well. Lincoln is seriously the best baby ever in the car. He slept for a good part of the drive, but when he woke up he just looked around and played with his toys :)

My parents and I took him to the zoo on Wednesday. There is a really awesome zoo in Rhode Island, Roger Williams. It has so many different kids of animals, and it's really large. Unfortunately, it was over 90 degrees on Wednesday. We only stayed about an hour, and then decided to call it a day. We plan on going back on a [much] cooler day.

The heat didn't seem to bother Lincoln in the least. Here he is cruising around in his stroller tipping his hat...
There was a baby giraffe there! I heard there was one, and I was hoping for Lincoln [and myself] to see it! How adorable is this?!

Here's the Mommy & baby...

Here is Lincoln doing the laundry at my parents house :)

And after playing all day long, here is my sweet boy with his Grammy [my Mom]...

We had so much fun and are looking forward to going back next week! But tonight, Jared comes home from the Academy, and I couldn't be more excited!!!!!! :) :) :)


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  2. CONGRATS on being the featured blog on topmommyblogs.com! I can see why after checking you out!

    I am your newest follower - check me out too :)


  3. Your blog is so cute!
    Great work, I love your photos.


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