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Monday, September 6, 2010

5 Second Rule

"No dear Mother Inlaw, you CANNOT feed my baby off of the floor. "

Can you believe I actually had to have that conversation with my Mother Inlaw?

Last night Lincoln was eating puffs off of his high chair tray, and like everything else, a few landed on the floor. When I was taking him out of his high chair she proceeds to say, "oh do you want this last one?" I asked her if that was on the floor, and she said "Yes!" Obviously the next thing I had to say was, "no he's absolutely not eating that off of the floor."

What does she do next, you ask? She goes into a lengthy speech about how the "5 second rule" has been proven. No. I am not kidding you. She actually did this.

I cannot win with this lady, seriously. Just when I think I've seen/heard it all from her, she has to surprise me, yet again!


  1. I'm totally guilty of using the 5 second rule! Eeeekkk!

  2. Mother in laws always keep you on your toes! Hopefully I won't have to have this conversation with mine...

  3. I'm the total opposite - a believer in the 5 second rule (depending on what it is that dropped)


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