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Monday, August 2, 2010

"They say it's your Birthday..."

Well, not today...but yesterday I turned the big 2-9! Holy smokes, in one year I'll be 30!

I had a great Birthday. We spent it in Rhode Island with my parents and brother. We drove there on Saturday morning, and Jared went to the Red Sox game with my Dad, brother, & cousin. I told them Lincoln would love to go to his first game with the boys, but they wouldn't hear it, haha! We'll probably all go together next year for his first Red Sox game debut. My brother has already said he has to be there for his first game :)

While the guys were at the game, my Mom and I spent some time together with our favorite little boy. Here is Lincoln with his Grammy.

He was seriously excited to be there. We haven't been there in a month, & he absolutely loves it there. Here he is playing away....& is it just me or do his eyes look brown? I was thinking they were going to be green originally now I'm not too sure!

Lincoln was up until 11pm. He wanted to be awake when the guys came home at 9:30 apparently. He seemed to get a burst of energy & played & squealed until then! He normally goes to bed around 8pm, but he must have been happy to be there or something because there was NO way he was going to bed!

Oh, & while to guys were at the game...my Mom put this goofy little hat on him...

Yesterday morning we woke up & went out for breakfast [my favorite meal] for my birthday. Lincoln thought he was quite the big boy sitting in between his Uncle & Grammy.

He loves his Uncle SO much. He seriously wanted nothing to do with any of us when he was around. He would see him & put his arms out for Uncle Kyle to pick him up....sooooo cute, & I'm sure my brother loved every minute of it!

When our food arrived, Lincoln sat in the high chair with his sippy cup & some pieces of my fruit cup. He was quite the entertainer, squealing away!
Afterwards when we got back to my parents house, they had an ice cream cake [my fav] for me. And yes, the cake says, "Happy Birthday Moose." That's my Dad's nickname for me, & has been since I was born...

Lincoln was soon tuckered out from all the excitement & decided to nap with his favorite person of the weekend [Uncle Kyle] for two hours. I snuck in the room to get a pic :)

Once Lincoln was refreshed from his nap, we went outside for some burgers on the grill :) Lincoln happily chased the dogs on the deck...apparently they were running from him in this picture. And don't worry...there is a gate on the deck, so there's no way my sweet boy will be tumbling down any stairs!!!

When Uncle Kyle wasn't around, my Mom (Grammy) was able to get some time with her sweet Grandson. His bib says "Grammy's Baby." I bought it for her birthday last year when I was pregnant for him :)

And finally, I managed to get a picture of myself & my sweet little Lincoln on my birthday. I definitely wanted one of those!

It was definitely one of the best birthdays ever...mainly because I now have my son to share it with. I have so much to be thankful for. However, next year I think I'll just skip turning 30 ;)


  1. Wow sounds like an eventful Birthday! You look a lot like your Mom too!

  2. What a busy day! Happy Belated Birthday!!!

  3. So cute! Great pictures! Thank you for joining Mama's Little Nestwork! I will go add your blog now! Make sure and visit throughout the week and comment on the featured bloggers to give them some bloglove and support! Those who comment the most will be my features! :) Have a great day!

    Mama Hen

  4. Sounds like you had a great birthday!

  5. Happy 29th! Your little guy is adorable!! :) I found you from Mama's Little Nestwork!

  6. Happy birthday. I am stopping by from mama's little nestwork. Great blog and great family. I am a new follower.


  7. Happy Birthday!
    Love the pictures! The one of him and Uncle Kyle sleeping is precious! And GOOO Red Sox... super jealous about the boys going to the game! ;)

  8. Happy Birthday!!

    How cute is Lincoln!?!?

    Don't skip turning 30!! Make the most of it! I just celebrated Thirty Days of Turning Thirty and it was a blast!



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