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Friday, August 13, 2010


Lincoln loves pancakes!

I was seriously starting to think my sweet boy was going to be on purees for life. Everytime I would give him finger foods of some sort [other than puffs & cheerios], he would give me this disgusted look, purse his lips, & gag on it the second it went into his mouth. Sometimes he would be super dramatic about it and even shiver, because it was that bad.

However, this week he has tried a few new foods, and has done surprisingly well with them! He loves love loves waffles, and just yesterday we tried pancakes, & those were a hit too!

Some other finger foods he's been eating for a while now are: watermelon, banana slices, canteloupe, & cheese. He is like his Momma, & loves cheese!

Don't get me wrong, the boy still loves his purees...but he's starting to branch out!

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