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Monday, August 9, 2010

Can you protect your baby TOO much?

....Because I really don't believe you can. Babies are literally defenseless. As their parents, it is your responsibility to protect them from all things that can cause potential harm.

However, if you were to ask my Mother inlaw, she'd tell you I am way too overprotective of Lincoln.

The other night she stopped over our house. We were talking, and Lincoln started to roll toward the baseboard heater. I told him "no," and promptly moved him. I was then telling my Mother inlaw that I don't like how Lincoln could get his hands into the heater so easily. There are wires in there, & he could get hurt, & even burn himself if the heat is on. I was explaining that Jared & I need to get something to go over it so he'll be protected.

Her response you ask? She actually said, "well you could always put his hand in there when it's on. He'll learn it's hot and not to touch it." My mouth probably hit the floor. Actually, I practically screamed, "I'm not going to burn my son!" She replied, "Oh Kami, he's not as fragile as you were as a can't protect him from everything. " I really cannot believe she actually said something like that. I only responded, "well I certainly will try."

The woman seriously scares me. Intentionally burning your child's hand is child abuse! And the comment she made about me being "more fragile" really pissed me off. The next baby Jared and I have could very well have Osteogenesis Imperfecta. There's a 50% chance of that! If [god forbid] that does happen, I'm afraid I will never let her touch that baby. I'm nervous enough with her around Lincoln...especially after that comment.

Just when I think I've heard it all with her, she goes and tops her self once again...

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  1. I can agree w/ you on this post that your MIL is nuts. You don't harm children to teach them a lesson...especially a baby who doesn't know any better.


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